Farmville 2 FREE Water x5 (July 22, 2014)

Farmville 2 is giving away FREE Water x5 to help out players with their farm and help Marie build a willing goodwill community. Water is one of the most essential resource in game and can be used also for crafting recipes. Before claiming please check first if you have enough space in your inventory to hold additional water.

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Farmvile 2 Black Hollyhock Ho-Down LE Items

Here’s a preview of the up coming limited edition items in Farmville 2 which will feature theĀ Black Hollyhock Ho-Down. Enjoy summer and try out a new crop Black Hollyhock, raise new farm animals Middle White Pigs and Prickly Macadamia Trees, and more! They will only be available for a limited time.

Farmville 2 Black Hollyhock Ho-Down

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Farmville 2 Snow Cone Cart Full Preview

It seems Marie needs additional help with her campaign so we will have the Farmville 2 Snow Cone Cart. Marie needs to raise funds for her mayoral campaign and what a better idea to do it is by building a Snow Cone Cart. There will be a total of 5 Snopw Cone Party to complete and each one will give a cool exclusive reward. Find out more about this feature below:

Snow Cone Cart

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Farmville 2 The Handyman Can Quests

Since Marie is running for Mayor, he got Gus doing sort of things in Farmville 2 The Handyman Can Quests. He already have more jobs than he can handle and he will ask if you can help him on this mission. And by the way did you know that Gus can Bake?

Find out more about Gus this Thursday in The Handyman Can as we go through this 8 part Farmvile 2 Quests. Just one quick reminder about the Workshop, it is your current Workshop. This guide will give you a head start on every stage of the quests.

The Handyman Can Quests

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