Farmville 2 FREE 50,000 coins (Nov 28, 2014)

Farmville 2 is giving away FREE 50,000 coins to help out players with their farm and quests. Coins in Farmville 2 is the primary monetary unit which can be used to buy crops, animals etc. Before claiming please check first if you have enough space in your inventory to hold additional coins.

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Farmville 2 Holiday Tree and Holiday Points

Farmville 2 Holiday Festival is about to be release this December. Celebrate the Holiday in Farmville 2 with Holiday Tree and Holiday Points feature. Players will receive a Holiday Tree on which they can harvest it for a gift everyday for 12 days. The Holiday Tree will give random gifts which then can be opened for coins and exclusive items. There’s also the Holiday Points feature where you collect Holiday Points from Country and harvesting crops and animals. Below are the detailed information of this feature:

Farmville 2 Holiday Festival

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Farmville 2 Snow Has Just Arrived

Winter is coming in Farmville 2 as Farmville Beacon reported. This feature once activated will turn your farm in a sort of winter wonderland. There’s also benefits if the snow is active in your Limited Edition Crops, Trees and Animals will produce more, Experience and Coin boosts and more chance to get Prized Goods from LE Crops and Crop Packets.

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Farmville 2 Otter Charm Collection

Farmville 2 is scheduled to release a new feature next week called the Otter Charm Collection! It will be a part of the month long quest line about otters (the latest animal to join the Farmville 2 farm). The goal for this feature is to build an Otter Charm Collection Station and collect Otter Charms. There are several ways to collect these charm. among them are crafting. posting to friends and harvesting water crops. We have here some early preview of this unreleased feature. Please share with your friends if you find this helpful.

Otter Charm Collection

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Farmville 2 After the Storm Quests

A winter storm has just struck and we are going to help rebuild in Farmville 2 After the Storm Quests. The storm wreck havoc and it completely wiped out the harvest and damaged some of the buildings. We also going to help a baby otter who is trap on your farm. This Farmville 2 Quest will have 8 stage and will start Tuesday, November 25.

Some of the tasks especially on Quest 3 and Quest 7 will vary and differ from other players. The number or quantity of the quest being asked may also vary depending on the level of the player, number of neighbors etc.

After the Storm Quests


After the Storm Quests 1: Farmville 2 At Storm’s End


At Storm's End

  • Have an Otter Slide on your farm.
  • Feed 2 Adult Goat.
  • Water 20 Red Cabbage.


XP30 xp coins300 coins

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Farmville 2 Clam Shell and Mussel Shell Recipes

With the release and introduction of a new animal the “Otter” in Farmville 2, there will be a new set of recipes that will go along with it. As we know now that otter’s can be harvested for clam shell and mussel shells it will be the main component of this new set of recipes. Let’s take a look below of  these recipes including it’s level requirements, coins and XP.

New Clam Shell and Mussel Shell Recipes

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Farmville 2 Pretty in Pink LE Recipes

Zynga will be releasing a new set of limited edition recipes in Farmville 2 featuring the Pretty in Pink. This new recipes are for these limited edition items like the Amberalla Juice, Pink Sowbread Dried Flowers, Ross Sapote Pie , Ross Sapote Ice Cream and more. They will only be available for a period of time and will start December 1.

Pretty In Pink! Le Recipes

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