Farmville 2 New Recipe (Ostrich Theme)

Zynga and Farmville 2 is introducing a new animal for our farm next week and it will be an Ostrich. Along with this release are a new items like the Ostrich Egg and Ostrich Plume. Both can be harvested from adult and prized Ostrich. These items can be used then to craft the following recipes at the Workshop and Crafting Kiln. You can find below the unreleased and preview of these recipes.

Ostrich Theme Recipes

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Farmville 2 Ostrich Nest

A new animal will arrive next week in Farmville 2 bringing along a new feature called the Ostrich Nest. This feature will be like the ones we have where a wandering animal will stray in our farm. This time it will be an Ostrich and we will need to prove to Gus that we are worthy in keeping this cute baby ostrich by doing 3 set of tasks. What we have here a are some information and early images of the Ostrich Nest.

Ostrich Nest

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Farmville 2 Tricks for Treats Recipes (Week by Week)

As we reported earlier that we will have a new feature in Farmville 2 called Tricks for Treats, it will also have recipes associated with it. How this Tricks for Treats work is we will have three weeks to craft different recipes and win exclusive rewards. Each week there will be new set of recipes to craft. We have here some of the early information regarding this feature and the different recipes that we will be crafting. This may help you to prepare the ingredients ahead.

Tricks or Treats Recipes

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Farmville 2 Joseph’s Coat Tricolor Dream Crop

Coming up next in Farmville 2, Joseph’s Coat Tricolor Dream Crop plus new limited edition animals and trees. Raise this new animals and master it. Plant and harvest the new crop Joseph Coat and place new trees in your farm with this collection. The set will be available for limited time starting October 27.

Joseph's Coat Tricolor Dream Crop

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Farmville 2 FREE Water (Oct 15, 2014)

Farmville 2 has just given away FREE Water x5 to help out players with their tasks and farm. Water as we all know is important in game. It is commonly used for crops and trees and also as an ingredients in some Kitchen and Workshop recipes. Before claiming please check first if you have enough space in your inventory to hold additional water.

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Current Bug and Issues in Farmville 2 (2nd Week October 2014)

Some of us may experience the following issues while playing Farmville 2 thus Zynga support want’s us to be informed that they are currently aware of this. If you are experience this issues, you no longer need to file a support ticket according to Zynga support but instead you can click the “Bandage icon” to inform them that your one of those have these issues.

current bugs

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