Farmville 2 Cultivating Values Quests

Walter’s campaign is in full blast in Farmville 2 Cultivating Values Quests. And on this Farmville 2 Quests we will help him in organizing a new program called the Election Souvenir Stand to boosts his chances on becoming the next Mayor of Farmville. Some of the items or recipes that is mentioned on this guide may not be available yet like the Chinese Holly Grape Tree but it will be available the day before this quest is released.

To prepare, reserve the energy of your sweetheart or kid. Zynga may insert some of this tasks just like they did in the previous 2 quests. The numbers of being asked may vary depending on your current level, number of neighbors. This will be out Tuesday, Sept 16.
Cultivating Values Quests


Cultivating Values Quests 1: Farmville 2 Grape Ideas

Grape Ideas


  • Buy 1 Chinese Holly Grape Tree for coins in the General Store.
  • Water 2 limited edition Chinese Holly Grape Tree to wow the crowds.
  • Feed 2 Adult Buffalo to excite the kids.


30 xp  300 coins

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Farmville 2 Say Ciao to the Fiesole Artichoke

Farmville 2 is set to release new limited edition items with the theme “Say Ciao to the Fiesole Artichoke!”. You can see preview this unreleased items here on this post and includes several new recipes and 2 new crops including a water crop.

To view the previous limited edition items and recipes please click here…. And if you just want to see the limited edition items for the current month you may go here.


Say Ciao to the Fiesole Artichoke

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Farmville 2 Election Souvenir Stand

The election fever continues next week with Farmville 2 Election Souvenir Stand. This time we need to craft 3 recipes in order to campaign our favorite candidates. In exchange we will receive tickets which then can be exchange for gifts. Just a reminder that the Chinese Holly Grape is currently not available for the time being but it will be release the day before this feature release.

Election Souvenir Stand

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Farmville 2 The Fruit Appraiser Quests

Help Barbara judge the Pie Eating Contest in Farmville 2 The Fruit Appraiser Quests. But first we will need to gather some high fruits to be used for the baking of these pies. Barbara will give us baby bottles in exchange for our help. This will be this week Farmville 2 Quests for Thursday.

You may want to reserve your partners energy for Zynga may insert some of the sweetie tasks or kids on this quests. Numbers of the required amount may change and it may depend on your current level and number of neighbors you have.

The Fruit Appraiser Quests

The Fruit Appraiser Quests 1: Farmville 2 Fruit A-Peel

Fruit A-Peel


  • Water 40 Carrot
  • Make 4 Carrot Bread, we need to eat before all this work.
  • Harvest 4 Banana Tree, they are easy to grade.


XP150 xp coins450 coins Baby Bottle1 Baby Bottle

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Farmville 2 Kids Job Training Guide

With the new feature is now available you can teach your family or your kid in Farmville 2 with the following Animal Care, Builder, Cave Exploring, Town Trips, Tree Pruning, Pearl Diving, Tree Care, Foraging, Baby Animal Care and Crop Care.

Below is the complete guide for this training. And we listed it the way most player will have it. Some numbers maybe adjusted depending on how many neighbors and friends you have and your current level.

Kids Job Training Guide

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Farmville 2 Pastry Perfection Quests

Join Marie in hosting a fun filled event in Farmville 2 Pastry Perfection Quests. We will help her while building a Pie Eating Table on this Farmville 2 Quests. We will be inviting our friends to join us by finishing the tasks that are involve in hosting the Pie Eating Contest. There will be crafting part where you will need the new crop Spaghetti Squash and some of the new recipe. The quest will start Tuesday, September 9 to 23.


Pastry Perfection Quests


Farmville 2 Pastry Perfection Quests 1:

Pastry Perfection Quests 1


  • Have 1 Pie Eating Table.
  • Water 20 Spaghetti Squash for use in many recipes!
  • Feed 2 Adult Cows: you need milk for pies!


XP30 xp  coins300 coins

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Farmville 2 FREE Water x5 (Sept 9, 2014)

Farmville 2 has just given away FREE Water x5 to help out players with their farm and the current quests. Water is one of the most essential resources in game and can also be obtained from wells. Before claiming please check first if you have enough space in your inventory to hold additional water.

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