Farmville 2 A Mother’s Day Surprise Quests

Walter hasn’t called his mother for quite some time now in Farmville 2 A Mother’s Day Surprise Quests and he is wondering if we could help him to find a way to make up for it. He has this idea of maybe surprising her with gifts. We are going to hep him accomplished that in this Farmville 2 Quests.

Guys, watch out for the stage 8 of this quest at the part “Tend your Pig Wallow 2 times.” This part may confused you, as we know we have a “Pig Pen” and a “Mud Wallow” and so to prepare, just made them both ready for harvest. If harvesting “Pig Pen” didn’t count then try harvesting the Mud Wallow. The quest will start Tuesday (April 28).

A Mother's Day Surprise Quests
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Current Bug and Issues in Farmville 2 (April 2015)

Some of us may experience the following issues while playing Farmville 2 thus Zynga support want’s us to be informed that they are currently aware of this. If you are experience this issues, you no longer need to file a support ticket according to Zynga support but instead you can click the “Bandage icon” to inform them that your one of those have these issues.

Here is a compilation of some of the current issues as posted at the official zynga support for Farmville 2.

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Farmville 2 A Basket for Crickets Quests

Percy is interested in learning more about crickets in this week Farmville 2 A Basket for Crickets Quests. His interest was sparked by it’s unique sound which he been hearing a lot lately. He want’s to know how he can make it as a pet. Find out how in this 8 part Farmville 2 Quests which will start on Tuesday (April 21). We already have here the preview of the quest and may help you prepare for it.

A Basket for Crickets Quests

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How to make Farmville 2 Cricket Baits

On Tuesday, Farmville 2 will release the new building Cricket Terrarium where the objective is to collect cricket baits. In order to have these, we will need to craft them at the Cricket Terrarium. There will be two type of cricket baits and they are Two Cricket Jar and Three Cricket Basket. Here we will show what items you will need to prepare in order to make them.

Farmville 2 Cricket Baits

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Farmville 2 Red Russian Kale Crop and More!

Here’s a preview of the soon to be released limited edition items in Farmville 2 featuring the Red Russian Kale is Strong Like Bull theme. We will have a new crop Red Russian Kale plus new animals and trees. They will be  available for a short period of time and will be at the Market on April 28. Among the new farm animal are the Brown Miniature Kune Kune Pig, Murcia Granada Goat, Piebald White Tail Deer and more!

Red Russian Kale is Strong Like Bull

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