Farmville 2 Thumbelina Carrots Crops and More!

Farmville 2 is getting ready to release a new set of limited edition items featuring the Thumbelina Carrots. It will be available for a limited time and along with it are some coolc collection of new animals and trees. Among the new animals are Bolivian Alpaca, Ginger Highland Mini Cow, Ginger Highland Mini Cow and Grey Marwari Horse. Check out also the new limited edition trees that will be out.

Thumbelina Carrots

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Farmville 2 Turtle Derby Starting Gate

Farmville 2 is set to release a new Starting Gate feature featuring the Turtle Derby. Join the fun and race with your friends as Gus will show you how to build the Starting Gate. We will show you the different rewards that you can get plus a preview of the building itself. Get a chance to win a beautiful baby Blonde Bilberry Goat by starting a race 5 times. You will need atleast 5 adult turtles and then feed them to prepare for the race.

Turtle Derby Starting Gate!


Turtle Starting Gate

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Farmville 2 We Were Snailing Along Quests

Gus will show us how to raise snails in Farmville 2 We Were Snailing Along Quests. He has some pointers on how to successfully keep and raise them plus he will help us to build a Snail Garden. This Farmville 2 Quests is scheduled to be released on Tuesday (May 26th).

Remember to collect and save the necessary items that you will use especially for the crafting part. Reserved also the energy of you partner or kids for you will need it in stage 3. Keep also on the side a couple of fishing lures.

We Were Snailing Along

We Were Snailing Along Quests 1: Farmville 2 Getting some Escar-cercise


Getting some Escar-cercise

  • Place Snail Garden on your farm.
  • Water 15 Pink Dahlia.
  • Feed 4 Adult Chicken.


XP30 xp coins300 coins

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Farmville 2 Recipes for the Snail Garden

Prepare for Tuesday new Farmville 2 feature the Snail Garden with this recipe guide. We will be collecting snails in Snail Garden and in order to do that, there will be several ways to collect them. One of them is through crafting. There will be two types of snails that can be made at the Workshop. These recipes are called Two Snails and Three Snails. Both recipes are featured on this post with the materials it will require to make them.

Snail Garden Recipes

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