Farmville 2 FREE Favors x10 (October 9, 2015)

Farmville 2 is giving FREE Favors x10 to help players in purchasing more upgrades for their farm. Favors is often obtain in game by completing tasks or order boards. You can use favors in purchasing farm upgrades like water field, barn, trough, water tower or wind mill. Favors is also part of the requirement when expanding your farm.

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Farmville 2 Fall Fairgrounds Recipes

Farmville 2 is set to release the new feature Fall Fairgrounds into the game this Tuesday and along with it are a new set of recipes that will be asked to be crafted. We have here the information for these recipes including the ingredients it will need to make it. You can now start gathering the materials so that when the quest ask for these recipes, you are prepared.

Fall Fairgrounds Recipes

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Farmville 2 Purple Calla Lily

Here are the details for the next limited edition items that will be released this October. The Farmville 2 Purple Calla Lily will be the newest limited edition crop that will be added into the game as players can master this new crop up to blue ribbon mastery. Also included in this release are new animals and trees like Graylag Goose,  Finnish Landrace Goat, Leopard Appaloosa Mini Donkey and more!

Dress up your farm with Purple Calla Lily

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Farmville 2 FREE Water x10 (Oct 8, 2015)

Farmville 2 is giving FREE Water x10 to help out players with their farm and chores. Water is essential in runng a farm in Farmville 2 because it is used in watering crops and trees. It can also used as an ingredients in some Kitchen or Workshop recipes. Another way to get water is by tending Wells or Water Towers.

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Farmville 2 Fall Fairgrounds

The most festive fall ever will be happening in Farmville 2 with the release of Fall Fairgrounds. We are going to have this new building for our farm where we will be doing set of quests to win exciting rewards. The Farmville 2 Fall Fairgrounds will be running for 3 weeks and each week there will be new missions to complete.

Fall Fairgrounds

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