Farmville 2 Early Birds Quests

Gus will visit our farm once again to show how to raise baby birds in Farmville 2 Early Birds Quests. The latest Farmville 2 Quests that will be released this Tuesday (Sept 30, 2014). The quest will feature the new Early Bird Tree.  We will be building it and once completed we will start collecting worms. We listed the requirements and tasks on this guide to help you prepare for the Early Bird Quests.

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Farmville 2 New Items for Level 100 to 120 Players

Farmville 2 will be releasing soon new items exclusive for the higher level players. If you are currently at level 100 to 120, these items will be available for you at the General Store. it includes new trees, crops and recipes. We already have here a preview of these items which can be expected to be available this October.


New Items for level 100 to 120

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Farmville 2 Fall Festival Fever Quests

Marie’s has some interesting feature in Farmville 2 Fall Festival Fever Quests. She is going to show us how to train our pigs and train them to produce more fertilizer and mud. There will be three type of training on this Farmville 2 quest that our pig can go through like Wiggly, Prancer and Messy and we can put a nursery as many as we can handle. The quest will be released this Tuesday (Sept 30).

One quick reminder that the quantity or number that are being ask may vary depending on the level, current number of neighbors and friends. Also save your sweeties energy for Zynga may insert one of it’s tasks.

UPDATE:  As of Sept 29, the Acorn Squash is not yet been released. Instead we received Jicama. So therefore we may expect to see changes on this part since Acorn Squash is scheduled to be released next week.

Fall Festival Fever Quests


Fall Festival Fever Quests 1: Farmville 2 Lists of Lists

Lists of Lists


  • Place 1 Pig Nursery for the petting zoo
  • Water 10 Acorn Squash
  • Feed 2 Adult Pig for mud to fill the festival wallow


XP30 xp 100 coins

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Farmville 2 Pig Medallion Board

The Farmville 2 Pig Medallion Board is also another feature that will go along with the Pig Nursery. On this feature. we will collect Pig medallion from the Pig Nursery and once we collected enough pig medallions we can get a prize. Among the prize line up are decoration fence, gate and a sign board that can be customized.

Pig Medallion Board

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Farmville 2 Pig Nursery and More!

In the back of our mind we know somehow that this feature. It is just a matter of time which animal will come next. Well Zynga didn’t disappoint us and do release another Nursery for our farm. This time we will be training pigs and in Farmville 2 Pig Nursery feature. This will be  the latest addition to our growing nursery and how many we have so far? we think 4 or 5 but anyway this feature will train your pigs to produce more fertilizer, mud or beefed up it’s appetite you can feed it more often. Here is a full preview plus images of this feature which will coming this Tuesday.


Farmville 2 Pig Nursery

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Farmville 2 Grow Acorn Squash LE Items

Guys watch out for these new set of limited edition items which is coming this October. Farmville 2 Grow Acorn Squash theme will include a new crop Acorn Squash and a new batch of farm animals and trees. It will feature the Java Chickens, Higan Cherry Trees, and unreleased recipes. These will only be available for a limited time!


Grow Acorn Squash for the Fall

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Farmville 2 Boomtown Bustle Quests

Cornelius is making supplies for the geode rush in town in Farmville 2 Boomtown Bustle Quests. Help him replenish his stocks and fill up his store once more in this Farmville 2 Quests. He promises to give baby bottles for every stage we can complete.

Remember to reserve your sweethearts energy for Zynga may insert some of this tasks. Also the fishing feature will be involve on this quests where in one of the tasks, we will need to make the new recipe Fried Catfish. Not all players will receive this quests which will be available this Thursday, September 25.


Boomtown Bustle

Boomtown Bustle Quests 1: Farmville 2 A-Mining We Will Go!

A-Mining We Will Go!


  • Feed 3 Adult Horse.
  • Gather 8 Horseshoe.
  • Make 10 Mining Pick for the rockhounding miners.


XP150 xp, coins450 coins Baby Bottle1 Baby Bottle

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