Farmville 2 Society Garlic and More!

Farmville 2 Society Garlic is the new limited time crop that will be introduced soon into the game along with a new batch of trees and animals. They will be available starting September 7. Among the animals that will be released are White Manx Sheep, Gray Egyptian Donkey, Gray Asian Hairy Nosed Otter and among the trees are Bullet Wood Tree, European Wild Pear Tree and more.

Farmville 2 Society Garlic

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Farmville 2 FREE Water x10 (August 27, 2015)

Farmville 2 has just issued a FREE Water x10 giveaway and you can claim it here. Water is very important in running a farm. It is used to water crops and trees and can also be used as an ingredients in some Kitchen and Workshop recipes. Another way to get water is by tending water tower and wells.

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Farmville 2 Pickling Corner Recipe List

Farmville 2 Pickling Corner is the newest feature that will be coming in the game on Tuesday (Sept 1). In it are set of new limited time recipes that player will be crafting to earn pickling points. These recipes are only for the Pickling Corner which means you can’t find them in your Kitchens recipe list. You can open multiple Pickling Corner station and you’ll be allowed to have 5 stations.

Pickling Corner Recipes

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Farmville 2 Pickling Corner

The Farmville 2 Pickling Corner is a soon to be released feature where players will be pickling produce to earn Pickling Points. This will be similar previous feature buildings where there will be several crafting stations to built and craft limited time pickling recipes. A total of 5 Pickling Crocks can be build so that you can pickle several recipes at the same time. This feature will be available starting Tuesday (September 1).

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Farmville 2 Hidden Treasures Quests

Let’s help Cornelius by collecting gemstones in Farmville 2 Hidden Treasures Quests. Cornelius has just noticed that we’ve been lucky with our turtles and he suggested that it will be more beneficial if we will have a River Gem Workshop to polish the river gems that we gathered from them. So on this Farmville 2 Quests, we will build the workshop while doing this 8 part quests that will start on Tuesday (August 25).

Just a quick note in Pink Trailing Ice Earring, to make this you will need Pink Trailing Ice x10 and Horseshoe x6. You will also need a Piece of Glass to make a Rope Photo Frame. You can ask ahead the Piece of Glass by selecting the Mirror recipe at the WORKSHOP and just ask the Piece of Glass and not actually crafting the Mirror.

A Chance for Everyone Quests

Hidden Treasures Quests 1: Farmville 2 A Chance for Everyone


A Chance for Everyone

  • Place River Gem Workshop.
  • Feed 3 Adult Chicken.
  • Water 15 Pink Trailing Ice.


XP30 xp coins300 coins

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Farmville 2 Chinese Bitter Melon

Farmville 2 is adding a new limited edition items into the game and it will feature a new crop called Chinese Bitter Melon. Also along with this release comes a new set of new animals and trees that you can raise in your farm. Among these items are Ayam Cemani Chicken, Speckled Ankole Cow and Speckled Ankole Cow. The Chinese Bitter Melon will be available August 31.

FarmVille 2 Chinese Bitter Melon!

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