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Here is an early preview of the latest farm expansion in Farmville 2 which is dubbed as the Western Wilds Expansion. A total of 5 lots will be added to the current farm as Farmville 2 is continuing to expand giving more space for players to play for. The 5 lots will be added at the left side of the current farm set up. To unlock these expansion lots will cost players some serious coins from 10 up to 13 million per lot.

Western Wild

A lot of coins isn’t it but in order to qualify for the expansion there is a level requirement of must be atleast level 55 before you can avail it. So let’s start crafting those heirloom recipes and save enough coins for these new farm expansion. Some of the recipes that it will asked are as follows Old Fashioned Shortcakes, Vintage Guitars, Roasted Soy Bean Chilli, Spicy Cornbread and Pickled Eggs


Expand to the Western Wilds



Western Wilds Expansion

This will be the new expansion for our Farmville 2 farm. The Western Wilds will have a total of 5 lot.


Wild Horse Gulch

Wild Horse Gulch

  • Unlock Gifts: Gypsy Horse


Old Dusty Trail

Old Dusty Trail

  • Unlock Gifts: 2 Water Oak Trees


Prosperity Pasture

  • Unlock Gifts: African Buffalo


Destiny Bluffs

Destiny Bluffs

  • Unlock Gifts: Blood Orange Tree


Prairie Homestead

Prairie Homestead

  • Unlock Gifts: Carpenter House

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  1. I hit level 105 but I can’t expand to Prosperity Pastures because it’s on sale, …I busted my ass for nothing and now I have to wait another 8 days.

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