Farmville 2 Cornelius’ Valentine Chocolates Preview


Farmville 2 will soon be releasing a new Valentine theme feature which will be presented by Cornelius. From what we gathered and base from the image we have here in we will have the Farmville 2 Cornelius Valentine Chocolates next week. It is a new feature where we will be receiving “Mystery Gifts” from Cornelius everytime we buy from him and taste chocolates.

Among the random Mystery Gift Rewards that we might get are Farmville 2 support items like Water, Power and Bottles. There are also some premium items like the Sweet Heart Tree and Red Bud Tree. If you collected enough mystery gift you will then be rewarded with a free Baby Platinum Mini Fainting Goat.


Taste A Chocolate


Box Of Chocolates

Box Of Chocolates


How it Works:

  • Buy Tastes from Cornelius!
  • Taste Chocolates to discover valuable Mystery Gifts!
  • Collect enough Mystery Gifts and win a Fainting Goat!



Power (starts from pack of 5)


Water (starts from pack of 5 up to packs of 25)


Bottle Packs

Bottle Packs (starts from packs of 10)


Redbud Tree

Redbud Tree


Sweetheart Cottage

Sweetheart Cottage


Baby Platinum Mini Fainting Goat

Baby Platinum Mini Fainting Goat

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3 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Cornelius’ Valentine Chocolates Preview

  1. There should be two options to get the chocolates. Earn them or buy them, just buying them is not fun at all!

  2. why do you have to spend money to complete a quest that you started us on for free and tempted some with one chocolate ,, and now we have to buy more … is there any way to get them other than buying them.. ??????????? please let me know .. asap frustrated player … grrrrr

    • this is NOT a quest -just a limited feature like the piggy bank to try to get more players to buy Farm Bucks to get the items not available in the market – so the ONLY way to get the items is to use Farm bucks

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