Farmville 2 Design Bay


Farmville 2 Design Bay is a newest feature that will be added in the game this June. You will be this new feature in your farm with the help from your friends. After building the Design Bay, you will then have to complete a tasks to gather parts in design your Design Bay. You will also need an adult Guinea Fowls to get Painted Feathers. The Design bay will be rolling out on Tuesday (June 20th).


Here’s a look at the materials we need to collect in building the Design Bay.

Build your Design Bay


Collect the following parts to build the Design Bay:

Dreamcatcher Frames


Desk Panel

Desk Panel


Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp


Here’s a look at a completed Design Bay


Here are some of the recipes we will craft at the Design Bay.

  1. Painted Feather Pendant
  2. Decorative Hanging
  3. Floral Cushions
  4. Painted Feather Wreath
  5. Painted Feather Keychain
  6. Feather Painting
  7. Floral Feather Centerpiece
  8. Rainbow Feather Garland
  9. Rainbow Feather Garland
  10. Feather Wind-Chime
  11. Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher
  12. Owl Dreamcatcher
  13. Duo Dreamcatcher
  14. Big Dreamcatcher
  15. Outdoor Curtains
  16. Romantic Suncatcher
  17. Eggshell Wind-Chime
  18. Motif Woodblock


You’ll need Painted Feather to get the REWARDS:

Painted Feather

Painted Feather



Mini Tobiano Campolina Horse

Mini Tobiano Campolina Horse


Andiroba Tree


Design Bay


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  1. Am I correct in thinking that they are asking that we can only BUT Guineafowl? If this is the beginning of forcing us to pay for quests, they will have lost a customer…this is not a good thing!

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