Farmville 2 Sheep Derby Starting Gate Preview


Another racing event is coming our way in Farmville 2. Next week, it will be the sheep’s turn to go race as they will be featured in Farmville 2 Sheep Derby Starting Gate. We will be building another Starting Gate, it will be the third time for such feature. The goal is the same as we will need adult sheep in order to organize and start a race. We have prepared this post in order to give  you a glimpse of the the Farmville 2 Sheep Derby.

Sheep Derby Starting Gate

Placing the Sheep Derby Starting Gate will trigger an event where Gus will explain to you about this new feature. Gus will tell you that he is into training sheep and interested in joining a race.

Sheep Starting Gate


After the event with Gus, the game screen will take us where we placed Sheep Derby Starting Gate and then will show the parts that we need to collect in order to build it.

Sheep Derby Starting Gate


We will need 10 of each of the following in order to start building the Sheep Derby Starting Gate:

Sheep Flag

Sheep Flag


Bucket of Teal Paint

Bucket of Teal Paint


Sheep Wood Post

Sheep Wood Post


After having enough materials the next thing we need to do is to have builders, this is the part where we need our friends to volunteer as builder. We will send a request to our friends if they could help us build the Sheep Derby Starting Gate.

After having enough builder we can now finally click the “finish building button”.

This will be what a completed Sheep Derby Starting Gate will look like.

Sheep Derby Starting Gate


Rewards will be the same as the previous once (coins) where you will need to guess the winning sheep.

You will need atleast 5 of more Adult Sheep in order to commence a race.

Bonus prize for completing the race is a Baby Black Breasted Malay Chicken.

Baby Black Breasted Malay Chicken

That’s is all what we have for the Sheep Derby Starting Gate for now. Be sure to like on our Facebook page to received the latest news and updates.

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2 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Sheep Derby Starting Gate Preview

  1. Ja det är väl roligt. om man nu får uppdragen någon gång.
    Har inte fått familjeköket eller ungdomskärleken..

  2. With the early release of the Family Farm and all that goes with it and it is a lot plus the mayor game plus the wedding reception game plus our usual farming demands don’t you think this is a bit much? Rhetorical but someone had to say it.

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