Farmville 2 Sweethearts Farm Story Chapter 1 and 2

Train your Sweetheart in Farmville 2 as “My Family Farm” is now available in game. Among the new feature of the Farmville 2 My Family farm update is having a partner or sweetheart to help you around with your farm. You can also train your sweetheart to learn new jobs. To learn the jobs you must complete a quest story called “Farm Story” which can be accessed when clicking the Family Farmhouse.

The Farm Story will have a total of 4 chapters and we have here the first two chapter which are as follows Tree Care Quests, Foraging Quests and Animal Care Quests.

Farmville 2 Farm Story Chapter 1 and 2



Water Pear Tree 4 Pear Tree to get luscious fruit!

Complete Crop Care Jobs 5 Crop Care Jobs!

Post for Pocket Watch 5 Pocket Watch to keep track of the time.

Craft Ladder 5 Ladder to reach the tallest trees!

Craft Gardening Hose 5 Gardening Hose to keep your trees healthy.

Post for Energy Bar 5 Energy Bar. Farming is hard work!

Fertilize Lime Tree 5 Lime Tree for extra limes!

Craft Tree Care Manual 4 Tree Care Manual for the best tree-keeping secrets.

Find Prized Mangoes 2 Prized Mangoes. Fertilize your Heirloom Mango trees!

Prune Trees 4 Trees. Heirloom recipes are valuable!





Feed Feed 6 Adult Pigs. They’ll help you forage!

Harvest the Mud Wallow Mud Wallow 2 times and say hello to the piggies!

Post for Working Gloves 5 Working Gloves to protect those hands from hidden thorns!

Craft Woven Basket 3 Woven Basket to hold all those delicious mushrooms!

Harvest Sunflower 30 Sunflower. The seeds will be a nice snack!

Post for Pocket Watches 5 Pocket Watches to keep track of the time!

Earn Country Fair Points 150 Country Fair Points by fertilizing your crops and trees!

Complete Crop Care Jobs 3 Crop Care Jobs and tend your crops.

Harvest the Pig Pen Pig Pen 2 times and get foraging tips from the best!

Post for Energy Bar 5 Energy Bar for a midday snack.

Raise Baby Pig 1 Baby Pig. They love to find truffles!

Craft Foraging Manual 6 Foraging Manual for the best foraging tips!

Complete Tree Care Jobs 2 Tree Care Jobs and tend your trees.

Craft Foraging Knives 3 Foraging Knives. They’re super handy when exploring!

Dry White Lillies 20 White Lillies. Such a lovely fragrance!





Harvest the Yogurt Creamery Yogurt Creamery 2 times for creamy yogurt.

Craft Soft Brushes 3 Soft Brushes to brush your animals.

Post for Working Gloves 5 Working Gloves for the dirtier jobs!

Complete the Foraging Job Foraging Job 3 times.

Craft Lasso 3 Lasso to wrangle up herds.

Post Pocket Watch 5 Pocket Watch to keep your sweetie on time!

Super feed Super Feed 6 Adult Cow for extra milk!

Buy Baby Animal 3 Baby Animal to keep your farm thriving!

Feed Feed 10 Adult Chicken some tasty feed!

Post for Energy Bar 5 Energy Bar to keep the family energetic!

Harvest the Hen House Hen House 2 times for more eggs!

Complete the Tree Care Job Tree Care Job 6 times.

Craft Horse Blanket 2 Horse Blanket to keep your horses warm.

Fertilize Fertilize 30 Corn. Farm animals love corn!

Craft Duck Brushes 5 Duck Brushes to keep your ducks shining!


These are all the missions for the Farm Story Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (Tree Care, Foraging and Animal Care Job)

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3 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Sweethearts Farm Story Chapter 1 and 2

  1. Is anyone else having problems getting prized mangos? I have harvested my tree over 20 times, but no prized mango. I have waited the 2 hrs to harvest, then I used speed grow, and visiting farm helpers. What’s the trick here?

  2. I am having an issue with a portion of the animal care questline where you have to harvest the hen house 2 times for more eggs. I have harvested it twice with regular feed and 3 times with super feed and I don’t get credit for it. Is there a trick to this or is this portion glitched for some people. If someone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

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