Farmville 2 Tea Cart


Farmville 2 Tea Cart is the newest building feature which are scheduled for released on Tuesday. You will be building this new building with the help from your friends. The goal of the Tea Cart is that you will hold an Etiquette Lesson together with your friends and visitors. The Tea Cart is scheduled for released on Tuesday (October 31st).





Here’s a preview of the materials we need to collect in building the TEA CART.

Tea Cart


Gather these parts for the TEA CART by asking it from your friends or neighbors:

Enamel Teapot


Tea Cart Wheel

Tea Cart Wheel


Ornate Beams


After having enough part, you’ll ask your friends to help you build the TEA CART.


Here’s a look at a completed TEA CART.


Preview of the RECIPES for the TEA CART:

  1. Tea Party Favor
  2. Cake Server
  3. Cake Pedestal
  4. Floral Tissue Box
  5. Cutlery Pocket
  6. Table Napkin
  7. Tabletop Vase
  8. Tealight Holder
  9. Etiquette Handbook
  10. Set Of Beverage Coasters
  11. Embroidered Placemat



Peach Rose Lamp Post

Peach Rose Lamp Post


Peach Rose Fence

Peach Rose Fence


American Southdown Sheep

American Southdown Sheep


Here’s a look at some of the images that are associated with the TEA CART.

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One thought on “Farmville 2 Tea Cart

  1. Does anyone at Farmville 2 have any new ideas. This is the same old game. I am so tired of playing the same games over and over again, only to be called by a different name. Maybe you should fire some of the old employees and hire some new blood. If there are not any new games soon, I will be leaving and I am a VIP member. I build the item, see what the game is and if it’s the same as a game a few months ago, I don’t play, just leave it until it expires, then store. If you want to keep the people that have been playing for years, please come up with some new ideas.

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