Farmville Mystical Groves Quests 5


Mystical Groves Quests 5

Help Merrick gain the trust of Tattle and Renara in Monday’s Farmville Mystical Groves Quests 5. The 5th chapter in the ongoing quest series. This time players will be helping Merrick to spend sometime with Tattle so that he can gain his trust and be closer to Renara. There will be some crafting on this quest so it might be wise to prepare the materials that will be needed. One quick tip though, you can place the Harvest Night Colors Griffon in a Zoo Pen for shorter harvest time.


Farmville Mystical Groves Quests 5 Stage 1: My Liege


Get 7 Lutes

Harvest 100 Twilight Cups

Make Peppy Potion 2 Times


Night Colors Griffon

Night Colors Griffon, 2 Anvil of Courage, 240 MP, 150 XP, 3000 Coins


Farmville Mystical Groves Quests 5 Stage 2: Proof’s in the Potion


Get 8 Poetry Books

Harvest 100 Bright Stalk

Harvest Night Colors Griffon 2 Times


Bright Blend Duck

Bright Blend Duck, 2 Stone of Sorcery, 250 MP, 200 XP, 3500 Coins


Farmville Mystical Groves Quests 5 Stage 3: Hope in the Mix


Get 9 Bright Spell Recipes

Harvest 115 Violet Allium

Craft Element Elixir 2 Times


Peacock Dragon

Peacock Dragon, 2 Bright Metal, 260 MP, 250 XP, 4000 Coins


Farmville Mystical Groves Quests 5 Stage 4: Heartfelt Confessions


Get 9 Apology Notes

Harvest 115 Firelight Mushroom

Master Night Colors Griffon to 1-Star


Love Spell Pine

Love Spell Pine, 2 Anvil of Courage, 270 MP, 300 XP, 4500 Coins


Farmville Mystical Groves Quests 5 Stage 5: Soul-Mate Searching


Get 10 Rustic Lanterns

Harvest 130 Fairy Blossom

Raise Siren Song to Level 3


Lantern Dwarf

Lantern Dwarf, 2 Stone of Sorcery, 280 MP, 350 XP, 5000 Coins


Farmville Mystical Groves Quests 5 Stage 6: Parting Ways


Get 12 Rucksacks

Harvest 150 Aslant Carrot

Raise Destiny Bridge to Level 4


Swirling Gold Unicorn

Swirling Gold Unicorn, 2 Bright Metal, 290 MP, 400 XP, 5500 Coins

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