Farmville 2 River Gem Workshop


Collect River Gems and extract them into Topaz, Aquamarine or Peridot in the next Farmville 2 feature the River Gem Workshop. But in order to collect river gems, you will need to have at least 5 adult turtles. Feeding them will give you a chance to get river gems. Once you collected the required amount of gems, you will receive a Baby Chocolate Ryeland Sheep.

River Gem Workshop


River Gem Workshop


When you enter into the game, you will be asked to place the River Gem Workshop.

Start building the River Gem Workshop


Barbara will then visit your farm to explain the River Gem Workshop.

Tur-easure Hunting Time



After Barbara leaves, you will see the materials you will need to collect to build the River Gem Workshop.


Gather the following parts with the help from your friends to build the River Gem Workshop:

Gemstone Basket

Gemstone Basket


Rock Picks

Rock Picks


Gem Duster

Gem Duster


Once you have collected the materials, you can now finish the River Gem Workshop.

Completed River Gem Workshop


You will need atleast 5 adult turtles to make the River Gem Workshop to work. Everytime you feed an adult turtle, you will have a chance to get a RIVER GEM.

River Gem

River Gem


You will then use the river gem in the Rive Gem Workshop so that you can find either:



Topaz (Common)



Aquamarine (Rare)



Perido (Ultra Rare)



Once you collected enough of these gems, you will receive a baby Baby Chocolate Ryeland Sheep.

Baby Chocolate Ryeland Sheep

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