Batter Based Recipe – Farmville 2 Kitchen

List of current recipes that uses Batter as one of it’s main ingredients in Farmville 2. These recipe’s can be crafted in the Kitchen and uses regular Batter (1 Flour and 3 Egg). We also included the amount of xp it will give upon successfully crafting it and how much coins it will sell. Some of these recipe’s are limited edition.



Pecan Muffin
Pecan Muffin Level 13 1200 coin/9 xp
Honey Fig Tart
 Honey Fig Tart Level 10 2740 coin/19 xp
Sunflower Cookies
Sunflower Cookies Level 20 1970 coin/15 xp
Mango Muffin
Mango Muffin Level 17 1540 coin/11 xp
Key Lime Cake Level 7 3750 coin/24 xp
Orange Cupcake
Orange Cupcake Level 5 780 coin/10 xp
Maple Scone
Maple Scone Level 7 4020  coin/26 xp
Nutmeg Cookie
Nutmeg Cookie Level 28 2730 coin/17xp
Hibiscus Scone
Hibiscus Scone Level 7 3020 coin/19 xp
Purple Dragon Carrot Cake
Purple Dragon Carrot Cake Level 11 4530 coin/25 xp
Fluffy Batter
Fluffy Batter Level 8 2090 coin/20 xp
Peach Muffin Level 17 1410 coin/11 xp
Apple Scone
Apple Scone Level 5 640 coin/7 xp
Plum Betty
Plum Betty Level 27 2620 coin/17 xp

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