Berry Delight Stomping Barrel Guide In Farmville 2

Farmville 2 will be releasing soon a new feature called the Berry Delight Stomping Barrel as players will be joining a Farmville 2 Berry Delight Festival. You will be crafting delightful juices and snacks for the upcoming Berry Delight Festival that will last four weeks to earn Bottle Corks. Each weeki there will be a new set of recipe to craft. There will be rewards if you meet certain points and as a final reward it will be a Buremese Peacock.

Berry Delight Stomping Barrel

Farmville 2 Stomping Barrel


At start, Walter and Barbara will visit your farm and introduce you this new feature:

Farmville 2 Stomping Barrel


After placing the Stomping Barrel it will now show what materials it will need:

Build your Stomping Barrel


The following list of materials will be the building part:

Decorative FruitDecorative Fruit

Wooden Half BarrelWooden Half Barrel

Barrel StandBarrel Stand



After collecting the parts you can now finish building it. You will need your friends help to build it.

Berry Delight Stomping Barrel


Once you have a completed Berry Delight Stomping Barrel you can now start crafting recipe. This feature will run for 4 weeks and each week there will be a new 3 set of recipe. For the first week we will have the following:

Berry Delight Stomping Barrel Week 1 Recipe:


1. Berry Splash

Berry Splash


2. Heirloom Orange Delight

Heirloom Orange Delight


3. Pinot Noir Juice

Pinot Noir Juice



Berry Delight Stomping Barrel Week 2 Recipe:

Sparkling Chardonnay Juice

Sparkling Chardonnay Juice


Heirloom Antipasto Platter

Heirloom Antipasto Platter

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