Coming Soon Farmville 2 Farm Wedding Items

We have gathered some image of the unreleased items and this may be included in the Farmville 2 Farm Wedding items. This collection maybe the next batch of new items coming next week on which includes decorations, trees, animals and crops which will be a wedding theme. This will only be available for a limited time.

Farmville 2 Farm Wedding



White Pirie Mango Tree

White Pirie Mango Tree



White PeeGee Hydrangea Tree

White PeeGee Hydrangea Tree

Lady Finger Banana Tree

Lady Finger Banana Tree



White Rose

White Rose



North of England Mule Sheep

Bilsdale Blue Pig

Black Falabella Mini Horse

Chamois Appenzeller Spitzhauben Chicken



Groom Scarecrow

Bride Scarecrow

Rose Petal Path

Natural Wedding Arch

White Covered Hay Bale Seat

Pink Covered Hay Bale Seat

Orange Covered Hay Bale Seat

Aisle Flowers

White Folding Chair

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