Coming Soon! Farmville 2 Horse Stable

Yes as we players requested! Farmville 2 Horse Stable will be soon arriving! Finally our Prized Horse will soon have their own storage as Zynga and Farmville 2 will be releasing this new much awaited animal storage. One of the benefits of having a Horse Stable is that it stored Prized Horses and they don’t count against your farms animal population. It will also increased your “Feed” capacity by +35. Check out some of the unreleased images of the Horse Stable here:




Placing the Horse Stable:


Click to build and see what items are needed:


These are the item that will bee needed:

Blue Board

Horseshoe Sign

Horse Bedding


Completed Horse Stable:


Click to see the status of your Horse Stable:

Need help or suggestions?

One thought on “Coming Soon! Farmville 2 Horse Stable

  1. Im glad to have this, but are we ever going to have the opportunity to buy or earn that barn Marie has?????? Or that log cabin? ….That’s what I want on my farm. We need that barn! for many uses. For the horses, and storing feed, and even have Barn Cats that catch mice!!!! And don’t forget Farm Dogs!!! They could dig up bones, and protect the farm! I have million ideas!

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