Coming Soon Feeding Trough in Farmville 2

Earlier we reported that there will be a new feature called the Farmville 2 Scale where we have shown you a preview with pictures. in case you missed it you can find it HERE. Now together with the Scale is a new set of Farmville 2 Feeding Troughs that will be released along side with it. A total of 5 type of new Feeding Trough will be released where each one can be upgraded up to 5 levels. This Feeding Trough will not increase your farm animal capacity but instead it will increase the yield of harvested animals. The following information will give you an early preview of this new feature.

Farmville 2 Feeding Through

The Farmville 2 Feeding Trough can speed up the process of feeding your farm animals (animals that is not inside a container yet). Like in this image at level 1 Feeding Trough you can feed up to a total of 5 hungry animals when you clicked the Feeding Trough. Using the feeding Trough will also gives “bonus” on it’s harvest.

Farmville 2 Feeding Trough

Feed Through


There will be 5 type of Feeding Trough. Each trough can be upgraded up to 5 levels. Each upgrades will cost coins and favor points.

Wool & Fur Through

Wool & Fur Trough


Bird Through

Bird Trough



Dairy Through

Dairy Trough


Stable and Pig Through

Stable and Pig Trough



Wool & Fur Through

Wool & Fur Trough


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  1. I would like to know if I have to give up my silos.. It makes no sense if I give up my silos for the chicken trough and then I have to get more troughs just to feed my other animals. Don’t get it. They should have more info.. Like when I got the windmill I gave up my two fireplaces and for the water my 6 wells was a good buy. But I am confused as to the troughs cause they have different ones for different feedings.

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