Current Bug and Issues in Farmville 2 (April 2015)

Some of us may experience the following issues while playing Farmville 2 thus Zynga support want’s us to be informed that they are currently aware of this. If you are experience this issues, you no longer need to file a support ticket according to Zynga support but instead you can click the “Bandage icon” to inform them that your one of those have these issues.

Here is a compilation of some of the current issues as posted at the official zynga support for Farmville 2.

No Duck Derby Flags awarded for completing a Duck Race?

Sat Apr 18 19:45:59 EDT 2015


Some of our fellow Farmers are reporting that they are not being awarded a Duck Derby Flag for completing a Duck Race.

We’d like to clarify that there is only one Duck Derby Flag which will be awarded after the first Duck Race. For the rest of the Races, you will get Coins and different Consumables.

Farm on!

FarmVille 2 Player Support


If you are experiencing this issue you may click the  <- HERE



My Heirloom Lemon Trees are Invisible

Sat Apr 18 16:59:14 EDT 2015 8 Likes

Howdy Farmers!

We have received reports from fellow Farmers that the their Heirloom Lemon Trees in the Grove or Farm are going invisible.

We are aware of this matter and this will be investigated by the game team. You don’t need to write to support about this, but you CAN click the “Fix it, Zynga!” button at the bottom of this article to state that your account is affected.

We’ll have everything back up and running in a moment!

FarmVille 2 Player Support


If you are experiencing this issue you may click the  <- HERE




The Purple Piggy Bank!

Thu Apr 16 22:21:42 EDT 2015 0 Likes

Howdy Farmers!

Players are reporting that they didn’t receive the expected amount of Farm Bucks from the moment they purchase the Purple Piggy Bank in the game. We would like to clarify how the Purple Piggy Bank works.

Each day, you can harvest your Piggy Bank until you have received a total of four times what you paid. A bundle of green Farm Bucks will appear on top of the Piggy Bank to indicate it is ready to be harvested for Farm Bucks. Hover your cursor over the Piggy Bank to see how many harvests you have left.

Additional Information:

If you want to see how many harvests you have remaining until the Piggy Bank turns into a decoration, hover your cursor over it.
If you want to see how much time you have left until you can harvest the Piggy Bank, hover your cursor over it.
You are limited to one Piggy Bank per farm.
Happy Farming!

FarmVille 2 Player Support

If you are experiencing this issue you may click the  <- HERE

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25 thoughts on “Current Bug and Issues in Farmville 2 (April 2015)

  1. unable to log into my farmville 2 game for 2days now cant get help figureing this issue out

  2. I have been having endless problems buying Farm bucks with my mobile phone ,does anyone know how to get through to Facebook as I use there platform to purchase the BUCKS

  3. my farmville 2 will not even load its been like that for 2 days. before it was slow and sometimes stuff would just disappear .

  4. Hi, I have problems with FV2. I can answer requests, but I can’t play the game. Every time I try it crashes. I don’t know what else to do. We use Firefox. We try Google Chrome, same thing happens. Crash. Please help! Thank you in advance.

  5. 1 wk of oops a daisy & no game play 🙁 If I’m quick, I can send/receive gifts before it comes on. I have uninstalled/reinstalled/changed settings for flash player, made sure my anti-virus is set up to to play, uninstalled/reinstalled mozilla, chrome & internet explorer, added gameroom, added another fv2 game assistance app on chrome, all to no avail. My kids use the same computer & have no problem getting into their fv2 accounts….so frustrating. That said, if you need gifts add me & I can at least do that for now 🙂

  6. ik kan het spel al maanden niet goed spelen er staat dan web problemen programa herstellen of plhug in of oeps ik weet het niet meer wie weet raad

    • I have been having the same issue, haven’t been able to play the game for 2 weeks now. All I can do is empty my inbox, then I get the Whoops-a-Daisy, over, and over again. 🙁

  7. i have not been able to play farmville2 for over 2days it is really slow and sticks

  8. What does the 100% mean on Marie’s sales board? I don’t see any change except boards are doubled after reaching the 20 sales goal but nothing occurs with the +100%

  9. Good Morning I don’t no if this has been asked or not But I start out on Facebook then
    go to Zyngagames why Because like this morning on Facebook I had 384 Gifts and with out doing anything this morning I went right to Zyngagames and only had 41 Gifts
    So I went back to Facebook got the 384 Gifts then came back to Zyngagames to play
    what I would like to no is why there not the same.
    Thank You Robert Guy

    • Hi Robert. I think that is is because facebook and use different doors to get into the game. It is the same game thru both doors . Gift giving can pass out to facebook ffrom a zynga but not fron zynga to facebook. I just go with the flow and play both sidesit is nice to be able to switch if one or the other has trouble. Hope I didn’t confuse you. That is just the way I understand it.

  10. I have trying to op-out .getting a run around with no answer to get out of game . I don’t want to keep getting request for the game .FARM VILL GAMES!!

    • Rosela Deshong, if you are still having this problem, you can go to your SETTINGS, Choose BLOCKING then BLOCK APPS.

  11. I have been unable to post in Facebook for items such as baby bottles and quest items. This has been a known issue since April 2nd and is still unresolved. Is there a fix or work around?

  12. This site is not part of go to support on site to get your complaints fixed. This site is players like us who read stuff going on and post it in one place for us. They cannot fix stuff for you, nor should they have to pass on your complaints on, because it would not help you anyway! Be blessed these players are trying to help make our life easier.

  13. I don’t have ANY of the listed issues and have sent a bug report twice about the Prairie Homestead expansion recipe reverting. There are 65 pickled eggs in my inventory to prove it!!

    • Go to customer service and post your problem. You will receive an email from them saying they have received your request. They will look in your inventory; then place the items on the expansion board for you. I have had this very same problem, and they take care of it in only a day or two.

  14. Added a duck to the duck nursery and it is stuck on fertilizer page and I am unable to progress.

  15. i have been hearing about a “prized xp pen” and would like to know how to get it?

    • All you do is make it yourself in the front of your farm. You use fencing and put whatever high XP Prized animals or ones you need to Blue Ribbon off in it. Usually 10 (for those of your neighbors who have 10 clicks). Put a sign out (if you have one) with XP PE on it. You can also put your highest XP heirloom grove trees (usually 2 groves) in their highest level of groves, in it too. 🙂

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