Farmvile 2 Unreleased Tuscan Sun Items

Get a preview of soon to be released items the Farmville 2 Tuscan Sun items. Get a chance to buy Tuscan Villas, Garden Statues, Oregano, Bay Leaf …and more! Available for a limited time! You can now add a Saloon Garden Shed or a Tuscan Villas to your farm decoration. Or you can craft new recipe with this new crops and trees.


Femminello Lemon Tree


Italian Cypress Tree


Bay Laurel Tree





Baby Massese Sheep, Adult Massese Sheep, Prized Massese Sheep


Baby Isola Bella Peacock, Adult Isola Bella Peacock, Prized Isola Bella Peacock

Baby Maremmano Horse, Adult Maremmano Horse, Prized Maremmano Horse


Baby Maremmana Cow, Adult Maremmana Cow, Prized Maremmana Cow




Stone Arch Pilliar, Still Life Fresco Wall, Tuscany Landscape Fresco Wall, Italian Wall


Muse Garden Statue, Goddess of Youth Statue


Saloon Garden Shed, Tuscan Villa




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