Farmville 2 2nd Birthday Giveaways

Farmville 2 is now on it’s second year and in order to commemorate this event they gave gifts to it’s players. The gifts are in a form of birthday cake. Players will need to place the birthday cake deco in their farm then click on it for a series of cutscenes.

We opened our gifts, the items we got are as follows like sugar, bag of flour, baby bottles, eggs and batter. We didn’t notice if there is water or fertilizer but there is a FREE Baby Cow. The event is quite simple which is surprising, no quest associated with it nor feature. We don’t know whats up with Zynga or they are just don’t have time to plan for such event.

Farmville 2 Birthday


Farmville 2 Cake


Birthday Cake for 2nd Birthday of Farmville 2


Free Cow


Click on your Birthday Cake and you will see confetti flying in your farm.


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4 thoughts on “Farmville 2 2nd Birthday Giveaways

  1. Never got the birthday cake! Does that mean we’ll never get it?

  2. get a little p.o.ed with the u have received to many or the early bird gets the worm when i have gotten very few items

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