Farmville 2 7 Days! 7 Big Giveaways! 7 Days of love

Hey friends! Farmville 2 is activating a new feature called 7 Days of Love. Players will have to is just activate the feature and share it with friends. That’s simple. The feature will run for seven days. Each day there will be a special reward that can be obtain. The Farmville 2 7 Days of Love will slowly rolled out on March 28th.

7 Days! 7 Big Giveaways! 7 Days of love

Farmer’s Box – 7 Days of Love


Here’s a look at the REWARDS and the day it will be given:

Day 1 – Get unlimited water for 6 hours today!
Day 2 – Get unlimited Speed-Grow for 6 hours today!
Day 3 – Level Up Faster! Earn three times the XP today!
Day 4 – Get 10 Free Farm Bucks today!
Day 5 – Get 3x points at the County or State Fair today!
Day 6 – Get unlimited fertilizer all day today!
Day 7 – Get 2x output from your animals all day today!


Here’s some of the images that are associated with the feature:

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10 thoughts on “Farmville 2 7 Days! 7 Big Giveaways! 7 Days of love

  1. I agree with Lorna….that’ a gift with strings attached….we work hard on our farms for the things there….NO MORE STRINGS PLEASE…but, thanks for the thought Zynga

  2. I thought this was for Farmville2???? It does not work if it is. I am not playing any of your other games and may stop playing this one, ZYNGA!

  3. So to activate, you have to play Vikings, War of Clans to get the rewards. So not fair!!!!! Come on, Zynga, why should we play other games when Farmville 2 is so full of glitches???

    • What Viking and War of Clans are you talking about? The feature only requires to meet a certain of number of players to play, activate and share the the event. That is like sharing your request when you need something for your farm.

      • no it’s not when you try to activate it takes you to the war of clans all these giveaways are bullshit

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