Farmville 2 A Pheasant Surprise Quests

Gus has new farm animal for us to raise in Farmville 2 A Pheasant Surprise Quests and along with it is a new feature called the Pheasant Perch. We will prove to Gus that we are worthy of receiving this new farm animal by having a perfect pleasant pheasant roost.

This Farmville 2 Quests will be released this Tuesday and this guide will show you every stage and tasks that the quest will require. Although there’s a slight chance that some may change come release day (August 5, 2014) rest assure that together with our community we ill update it immediately.

  A Pheasant Surprise Quests

A Pheasant Surprise! Quests 1: Farmville 2 Pheasantries



  • Place 1 Pheasant Perch for the pheasant to sit on.
  • Feed 5 Adult Chicken to make them happy.
  • Plant 20 Sesame


30 xp, 250 coins


A Pheasant Surprise! Quests 2: Farmville 2 Thin As A Rake


Thin as a Rake

  • Get 5 Pheasant Decoy
  • Feed 4 Adult Cow
  • Make 5 Cheese Quiche


40 xp, 300 coins


A Pheasant Surprise! Quests 3: Farmville 2 With a Little Help from My Friends


With a Little Help from My Friends

  • Use 3 Farm Hand
  • Perform 10 helpful actions on Neighbor farms
  • Make Sesame Seed Ball


55 xp, 375 coins


A Pheasant Surprise! Quests 4: Farmville 2 A Coy Decoy


A Coy Decoy

  • Get 5 Stable Rake
  • Harvest 15 Corn
  • Make 5 Corn Meal


60 xp, 400 coins


A Pheasant Surprise! Quests 5: Farmville 2 A Good Hare Day


  • Tend 1 Rabbit Warren
  • Harvest 10 Sesame
  • Make 2 Sesame Seed Bagel


100 xp, 600 coins


A Pheasant Surprise! Quests 6: Farmville 2 Everything Is Peachy!


  • Feed 5 Adult Rabbit
  • Harvest 8 Peach Tree
  • Make 4 Peach Lemonade


80 xp, 500 coins


A Pheasant Surprise! Quests 7: Farmville 2 A Silver Lining


  • Get 5 Silver Tray for the special picnic.
  • Harvest 6 Rubber Tree
  • Make 2 Blue Rubber Glove


165 xp, 925 coins


A Pheasant Surprise! Quests 8: Farmville 2 Whey Cheesy


  • Tend your Goat Shelter 1 time.
  • Feed 6 Adult Goat to make them happy.
  • Make 2 Goat Cheese and Truffle Crostini


205 xp, 1125 coins


A Pheasant Surprise Quest Note and check list:

Sesame crop will be released Monday (Aug 4, 2014).

– Recipes using Sesame as an ingredients will also be released Monday.

– Rubber and Rubber Trees will be used on this quests. Buy one at the Market if you still don’t have on yet.


In case you have an issue or bug regarding this quests please visit the official Zynga Support for we are not affiliated with Zynga nor work them. We are also players and a dedicated fan of the game.

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  1. Watch out for changes mid-stream: In the middle of mission 3, after I had started making sesame seed balls and collecting all that danged brown sugar, the quest changed to sesame seed cookies. Had to start again from scratch with new ingredients.

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