Farmville 2 Alkali Bullrush and More!

The Farmville 2 Alkali Bullrush is the newest limited time crop which will be added in the game this May. You may plant, harvest and master this new limited time crop upĀ  to blue ribbon. Also included on this release are a new batch of animals and trees including the Galway Ram, Pink Ivory Trees, Blue Olive Egger Chicken, Lac La Croix Horse and more! Expect these items to become available Monday (May 28th).



Alkali Bullrush




Blue Olive Egger Chicken


Lac La Croix Horse


Galway Ram


Harlequin Ferret




Mountain Candlewood Tree


Roundleaf Bloodwood Tree


Pink Ivory Tree



  1. Pink Ivory Puree
  2. Pink Ivory Jam
  3. Mountain Candlewood Smoothie
  4. Mountain Candlewood Juice
  5. Bullrush Sandals
  6. Bullrush Mat
  7. Roundleaf Bloodwood Wreath
  8. Roundleaf Bloodwood Bouquet

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