Farmville 2 Animal Gymnasium

Farmville 2 Animal Gymnasium is a new feature building that will be added in the game this January. You will help Gus in this feature in conducting workouts to help the community in getting fit. You’ll need to complete tasks during the workout feature to a earn a free Gym Card. You will win an exclusive set of rewards during this feature. This is scheduled for release on Tuesday (January 2nd).



Place the ANIMAL GYMNASIUM in your farm.


Preview of the materials we will need in building the ANIMAL GYMNASIUM.


Collect and ask your friends for the following ANIMAL GYMNASIUM parts:

Gymnasium Slide


Rope Ladder


Rooster Vanes


When you collected the necessary parts, you’ll ask your friends to help you build the ANIMAL GYMNASIUM:



After collecting enough parts and helpĀ  from friends, we can finally have a completed ANIMAL GYMNASIUM:



Earn a GYM CARD everytime you complete tasks at the ANIMAL GYMNASIUM>

Gym Card


Here’s a preview of the RECIPES we can prepare for the ANIMAL GYMNASIUM.

  1. Grooming Shears
  2. Fluffy Towels
  3. Energy Boosts Bar
  4. Winter Sunscreen
  5. Mini Maze


Here’s a look at the ingredients you will need in preparing the RECIPES above:

  1. Straw Basket
  2. Fine Tooth Comb
  3. Rice Crisp
  4. Soothing Gel
  5. Wood Adhesive



Here’s a list of the materials needed for the ANIMAL GYMNASIUM tasks.

  1. Bubble Bath Bottle
  2. Spa Candle
  3. Water Flask
  4. Fitness Hoop
  5. Set of Sweethands
  6. Balance Ball


Here’s look at the REWARDS for the ANIMAL GYMNASIUM:

Black Peruvian Guinea Pig


Snow Crystal Birdbath


Snow Arbor Archway



Snow Crystal Fence

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