Farmville 2 Rabbit Rescue Station Preview

Craft for the Animal Rescue to help reunite the Rabbit Family! in Farmville 2 Rabbit Rescue Station feature. Not only you’ll be helping the Rabbit Family but you also will earn animal badges whenever you craft recipes. There will be new recipe to craft each week. The feature will run for 3 weeks. A total of 7 new recipes maybe release in Rabbit Rescue Station and we listed it here with some of the image preview.

Rabbit Rescue station

1. We gonna need to place the Rabbit Rescue Station to start building it:

Animal Rescue Station


2. We are going to gather the necessary materials in order to start building it and we will need the following materials:

  • Rescue RopeRescue Ropes
  • GurneyGurney
  • Flower SashesFlower Sashes


3. Once we collected enough materials we can now finish building the Rabbit Rescue Station by asking our friends or neighbors to help us build it.

Animal Rescue Station


4. Once we gathered enough help we will now have the completed Rabbit Rescue Station.

Animal Rescue Station


5. Once we have the completed Rabbit Rescue Station we can now start crafting recipes to earn badges. Among the recipes are:

Animal Rescue Station Recipe


6. Earn enough animal badge to receive the Baby Blue French Angora Rabbit.

Baby Blue French Angora Rabbit

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