Farmville 2 Auction Stall

Farmville 2 Auction Stall is the newest feature that will be added in the game this August. You’ll ask your friends for the parts to build the auction Stall and invite them to build your Auction Stall. After having completing the Auction Stall, you will Help walter organize an Auction.The Auction Stall is scheduled for release on Tuesday (August 1).


Walter will visit your farm.

Auction Sales 2


Place the AUCTION STALL in your  farm.

Auction Sales 4


Here’s a look at the materials we will need to collect to build the AUCTION STALL.

Auction Stall Construction


Ask your friends or help friends to get these materials:

Auction Logos





Stall Lamps

Stall Lamps


After collecting enough parts, you will finally have a completed AUCTION STALL.


Here’s a list of the recipes for the AUCTION STALL.

  1. Scarf Hanger
  2. Bowl of Buttons
  3. Book Jacket
  4. Jewel-Cleaning Liquid
  5. Jam Jar Fabric Topper
  6. Painting Frame
  7. Carpet Beater
  8. Pot-Painting Stencil
  9. Metal Shiner
  10. Golf Ball Box
  11. Golf Bag


  1. Vegetable Dye
  2. Decorative Binding
  3. Metal Glue
  4. Ornate Pattern
  5. Malt Vinegar
  6. Metal Logo



Black Tamri Goat


Blooming Vine Fence

Blooming Vine Fence


Blooming Vine Gate

Blooming Vine Gate


Here are some  of the images that are associated with the AUCTION STALL.

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