Farmville 2 Barb’s Fishing Adventure Quests

It looks like we will be having a bonus quest of the week once again as Farmville 2 Barb’s Fishing Adventure Quests is ready and might be released any time soon. This will not be our regular Tuesday Farmville 2 Quest and may be released Thursday or even on weekend. The quest story will be about Barbara who for the first time will try going fishing with Walter.

Reminder that not all players will receive this quests.

Farmville 2 Barb's Fishing Adventure Quests


Barb’s Fishing Adventure Quests 1: Farmville 2 Keeping Dry


Keeping Dry

  • Fertilize 20 Wild Rice.
  • Harvest your Fuel Pump 1 time.
  • Dry 40 Crop.


50 xp 100 coins

Barb’s Fishing Adventure Quests 2: Farmville 2 Having a Ball


Having a Ball

  • Collect 5 Beach Ball.
  • Feed 8 Adult Otter for fun.
  • Make 7 Wild Rice Stuffed Squash for Barb’s ravenous appetite.


100 xp 200 coins


Barb’s Fishing Adventure Quests 3: Farmville 2 Fishing for Men


Fishing for Men

  • Use 4 Farm Hands to farm your fields.
  • Gather 40 Bait for fishing.
  • Make 3 Sauteed Catfish with fish you catch.


200 xp  300 coins


Barb’s Fishing Adventure Quests 4: Farmville 2 Gearing Up


Gearing Up

  • Collect 5 Sun Glasses.
  • Water 40 Quinoa.
  • Make 10 Quinoa Breakfast Muffin.


300 xp 400  coins


Barb’s Fishing Adventure Quests 5: Farmville 2 Field and Stream


Field and Stream

  • Earn 20 Favor.
  • Harvest 2 Water Field.
  • Fertilize 40 Wild Rice.


400 xp 500 coins


Barb’s Fishing Adventure Quests 6: Farmville 2 Chic in the Creek


Chic in the Creek

  • Feed 3 Adult Swan.
  • Make 8 Teapot.
  • Make 1 Origami Stars out of cattails.


500 xp 600 coins


Barb’s Fishing Adventure Quests 7: Farmville 2 Knead Weeds by the Reed


Knead Weeds by the Reed

  • Collect 5 Zinc Ointment to keep the sun off Barb.
  • Make 5 Cattail Rice for lunch.
  • Make 3 Seaweed Quiche.


600 xp 700 coins


Barb’s Fishing Adventure Quests 8: Farmville 2 Treasures of Poseidon


Treasures of Poseidon

  • Make 5 Heirloom Paper.
  • Make 5 Heirloom Lavender Paper.
  • Make 5 Walnut Stuffed Dates.


700 xp 1000 coins


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  1. My favors keep disappearing in the Field and Stream Quest!! First I had 10, and they disappeared. Then I acquired another 4, just to have those disappear, too. Forget it! Not finishing this quest.

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