Farmville 2 Baroque Grape and More!

Here’s a preview of the soon to be released Farmville 2 Baroque Grape, a new limited time crops which will be added in the game this March. You can plant, harvest and master this new crop up to blue ribbon. Also included on this release are a new batch of animals and trees. Among that are included are Illawarra Cow, Belle De Louvain Plum Tree, Tiger’s Claw Tree, Brown Potbelly Mini Pig, Shanbei Donkey and more. You may expect these items to become available  on Monday (March 25th).


Baroque Grape




Illawarra Cow


Shanbei Donkey


Black Toggenburg Goat


Brown Potbelly Mini Pig




Desert Bloodwood Tree


Belle De Louvain Plum Tree


Tiger’s Claw Tree

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