Farmville 2 Befriend the Donkey

The Befriend the Donkey Feature in Farmville 2

Farmville 2 has just introduced a new feature called the Racing Donkey. If you are currently at level 15 or higher you will receive the a pop up message informing this new feature.

Racing Donkeys

This message informs you that a wandering Donkey has just strayed into your farm. You will need to take care of it for Gus. You will need then to place the Donkey Cart and start building it.


Befriend the Donkey


There are three part of tasks to complete in order to receive the Black Catalan Donkey.

  • First, you will need to complete the Donkey Cart building.
  • Second, You will need to collect Donkey Treats by helping Walter out. You will receive “Donkey Treats” once you caomplete the 2 stage of the “A Timeless Classic Quests”.
  • Third, you will need to craft 3 Stuffed Donkey Toys.



Complete to the Donkey Cart:

Donkey Cart


Finish the Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the “A Timeless Classic Quests” to receive Donkey Treats.

Setting the Stage

Casting Ain't Easy


Craft 3 Stuffed Donkey Toys:

Stuffed Donkey Toys

Donkey Tails can be obtained from friends.

Donkey tails

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