Farmville 2 Big Harvest: Land Upgrade Guide

It’s finally here! The Farmville 2 Big Harvest has just started rolling out today and players have just received the new features it have. One of it’s feature is the Land Field Upgrade. You can now have a unique field where it can hold up to 5 plots at level 1 and more when you upgrade later in game. We have here the guide that will give you a general idea on how to have this Level 1 Field. You can also see the full upgrade chart HERE.

Farmville 2 Big Harvest

1. Click the “BUY” button if you have enough “favors” and coins.

Big Harvest Land Upgrade


2. Place the field in a spot that is convenient to you.

Place the Field


3. The upgraded field will occupy atleast 4 to 6 plots in your farm.


4. Once you placed you upgraded field it will now tell you that you may now placed “plots” inside it.

Fill your field


5. You may drag and drop a plot from you farm and place it in the upgraded field.

Place plot in the field


6. It will hold and you must need to put 5 plots inside it.

Upgraded field needs 5 plots


7. Once you placed 5 plots it will then ask if you would like to build it. Then if choose yes then your friends and neighbors will come to finish building your upgraded field.


8. You will now have a completed Level 1 Field

A completed Level 1 Field


9. Click on your newly built field so that you can start to plant.

Level 1 Field with crops


You can buy another field if you have enough favors and coins. If you are short of favors you can always fill orders in your Market Stall to earn favors.

Fill orders, Buy Upgrades

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5 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Big Harvest: Land Upgrade Guide

  1. upgrades for fields go on top of already upgraded fields, I am ending up with only 2 fields in wood boxes and now Zynga wants to upgrade them again. What is the point of this? or what am I doing wrong?
    Thanks for any help.

  2. My level 1 field is bricked, after putting 5 plots into it and the neighbors arriving to finish it my browser crashed. Now it is full of plots, cannot add any but cannot asked neighbors to help either. Cannot delete it, cannot box it, just taking up space – completely bricked.

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