Farmville 2 Big Harvest Preview

Coming Soon this March! Farmville 2 Big Harvest! with this new feature we may expect some big changes in our favorite game. And we listed some of this feature with image to give idea on what to expect with he Big Harvest.

“Make your farm a powerhouse of productivity! Give your farmland a boost to grow more crops than ever before! Upgrade your wells, silos, groves and animal buildings to free up land and do more in less time! Win a new specialty crafting building to unlock a whole new world of items to sell and stand back as the coins pour in! The coins you earn can buy you even more powerful upgrades to keep the productivity coming… take your farming to the next level and beyond!”


Farmville 2 Big Harvest


As we all know by now, Farmville 2 Big Harvest is coming very soon and among the feature that it will are as follows:


Field Upgrades:

  • More Crops, Faster Mastery, More Prize Crops
  • Add 5 plots with the move tool.
  • Harvest more crops!
  • Upgrade your fields later with Favors!


Upgrade Groves:

  • More Fruit, Faster Mastery, More Prize Fruit
  • Produce 5 crops + 1 Bonus (at level 5)


Place building on plots

Place Building on plots:



Complete orders and earn favor:

  • Fill orders here to gain Favors and Coins!


  • Fill orders from this people


Upgrade Water Tower:

  • More Water, Requires 5 Wells
  • Up to +20 water for each tower.


Farmville 2 Windmill

Upgrade Windmill:

  • More Power!
  • Windmills produce more power for more crafting!
  • From up to +30 power (at level 5)




Upgrade Barn:

  • Rake to find rewards, Mastery helps chance, Guaranteed prizes

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