Farmville 2 Big Harvest Upgrade Guide

Farmville 2 Big Harvest is coming next week and along with it is the much anticipated “upgrades feature“. You will gain upgrade points whenever you do actions in your farm and you can spend it with upgrades. We have listed here the available upgrades that you can make once you meet the level requirements.

Farmville 2 Big Harvest

Upgrades available from 25 to 29:



Upgrades available from 30 to 39:



Upgrades available from 40 to 49:


Upgrades available from 50 to 59:


Upgrades available from 60 to 69:



Upgrades available from 70 to 79:


Upgrades available from 80 to 89:


Upgrades available from 90 to 100:

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6 thoughts on “Farmville 2 Big Harvest Upgrade Guide

  1. I am at level 95 now and I still don’t have the big harvest either. Everyone I play with (my neighbors) even players that don’t play that much already has this feature….this has been going on for nearly 2 months now since being released….it would be nice to finally get the upgrade.

  2. I am at level 60 and still do not have the big harvest upgrade.

    • If the Big Harvest has not started for you and you’re level 25 or over, go to the support page and report you issues. Mine did not launch on the 28th. I reported my problems and the support team fixed everything in a short amount of time.
      Be sure to check current issues and bugs first. If someone else already reported the same issues, just click the “fix it” band aid. That works too.

      • I tried that several times and I still don’t have the feature

  3. I have not yet received the upgrade for my market board or farm plots. Many of my neighbors that are at a much lower level than I am at already have this upgrade. What is the reason for this? I think if you are going to release upgrades you do it for everyone not just a few here and there.
    Please let my farm have the upgrade as well.

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