Farmville 2 Biplane Control Tower

Finally! Farmville 2 is upgrading and modifying the way we use the Farmville 2 Biplane in the game. Soon we can use the biplane in our farm without spending any fuel. Also the biplane will become upgradable. Yes you can upgrade the biplane up to level 3. You can use the biplane for fertilizing your crops at level 1. At level 2, you can fertilize and water your crops by having additional biplane. At level 3, a new biplane will be added where it will water and fertilizer your farm. In order to start, we need to build a Biplane Control Tower in our farm. Theres no specific date n when this feature will be rleased but it will be available for an early access stage.

Biplane Control Tower



Biplane Control Tower



Biplane Control Tower






Level fertilizer Plane


Level 2 Bi Plane


Level 3 Bi Plane




At level 1, you can FERTILIZE your crop using the Bi Plane without spending any FUEL.

Bi Plane



At level 2, beside FERTILIZING, you can now also WATER your CROPS using the Bi Plane without spending any FUEL!

Level 2 Bi Plane


At level 3, you can FERTILIZE and WATER without using any FUEL!

Level 4 BiPlane



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