Farmville 2 Blue Bean and More!

Here’s a look at the Farmville 2 Blue Bean, a new limited time crop which will be added in the game this October. You may plant, harvest and master the Blue Bean crop up to blue ribbon. Also included on this release are a new batch of animals and trees. Among those will be released are the Sweet Pignut Tree, Ginger Juliana Mini Pig, Hackney Mini Horse, Maltese Donkey, Akaushy Mini Cow and more. You may expec these items to become available on Monday (OCT 29th).


Blue Bean




Akaushy Mini Cow


Maltese Donkey


Lilac Lionhead Rabbit


Coopworth Ram




Foxglove Tree


Blue Hawthorn Tree


Sweet Pignut Tree




  1. Blue Bean Pie
  2. Blue Bean Smoothie
  3. Blue Hawthorn Jam
  4. Blue Hawthorn Juice
  5. Foxglove Skin Lotion
  6. Hair Growth Formula

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