Farmville 2 Buffalo Brook (1st River Expansion Requirements)

Details on the forth coming river expansion of Farmville 2. We have gathered some information on how much will it cost to expand to the river when Farmville 2 finally release this expansion on 1st week of September. There will be an early access stage for players who want’s to experience first and they have to buy an Early River Access Token (which may cost around 90 to 130 cash). The Buffalo Brook maybe the first expansion that will be opened and here are the cost and requirements:




Expand to “The Dock

This might require an Early River Access Token which will be for the Early Access Stage


Expand to “Buffalo Brook


Prove Your Farm Skills

Craft 12 Cheddar Loaves (or Loaf)



Gather Boater Hats

Get 18 Boater Hats from your friends



Clear Your New Land

Costs 300,000 Coins


Note: This is a pre release information and may still change.

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  1. Don’t see what the big deal is; all the game is asking those that WANT TO GET A HEAD START over everyone else is to pay the the 30% OFF DEAL Pkg. If you’re not interested in the deal, then you’ll be able to start those expansions later (for free).

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