Farmville 2 Butterfly Feeder Preview and Guide

Harvest flowers from Fields an win cool prizes in Farmville 2 Butterfly Feeder feature. Build the Butterfly Feeder with the help of your neighbors and also by helping them. After building, start plating flowers in a field to earn butterfly prizes. This feature will go out Tuesday, April 22. So start preparing your field and get ready for Farmville 2 Butterfly Feeder.

Farmville 2 Butterfly Feeder Guide

Butterfly Feeder


Farmville 2 Butterfly Feeder

Barbara will visit our farm and inform us about the new feature Butteflies.


Farmville 2 Butterfly Feeder

Place the Butterfly Feeder in your farm and then click to start building.


Farmville 2 Butterfly Feeder

To build we will need 10 Butterfly Bedding, 10 Butterfly Post and 10 Butterfly Paper.


Farmville 2 Butterfly Feeder

Once you have all the materials you may now click the start building.


Farmville 2 Butterfly Feeder


After building the Butterfly Feeder we can now start harvesting flowers and win butterfly prizes.

First Reward:


Set of 5 Pinwheels



Second Reward:

Elaborate Pinwheels

Set of 5 Elaborate Pinwheels



Third Reward:

Butterfly Planters

Set of 2 Butterfly Planters



Fourth Reward:

Elaborate Butterfly Planters

Set of 2 Elaborate Butterfly Planters


Final Reward:

Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop for 14 days +10 Favors

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  1. Can you please let me know WHY, I have not yet received the butterfly quest? Other farmers are finished this quest already!!!!

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