Farmville 2 Camping Tent Full Preview

Help Walter earn enough merit badges for his little Sprouts campers in Farmville 2 Camping Tent. This will be a new feature that will be introduce on Tuesday. From what we learned you will need to build a Camping Tent and then craft recipes for Walter. Each recipes has an equivalent points or Merit Badges which then can be exchange for exclusive rewards. The main reward will be a cool Mini Appaloosa Horse. We have here a preview of the Camping Tent and might give you an idea what this feature is about.


Farmville 2 Camping Tent

  • Place the Camping Tent in your farm. It will trigger an event where Walter will visit your farm and tell you that he needs help with camping supplies and snacks.

Camping Tent


  • After the event with Walter, you will then see the materials needed to build the Camping Tent. As we can see in the picture it will need Collapsible Tent Poles, Wooden Tent Stakes and Tent Tarps. You can also see the it will give farm support items like baby Bottles, Speed Grow and more.. plus the main prize of a Mini Appaloosa Horse.

Camping Tent Materials

Now you need to gather the materials by posting a request for Collapsible Tent Poles. Wooden Tent Stakes and Tent Tarps can be ask directly to your friends.

  • After gathering enough materials you will then need helpers to put it all together. We can hire our friends or neighbors. Once you gathered enough helpers we can now finally finish building it. To finish building just click the button “Finish Building”.

Hire builders for the Camping Tent


  • A completed Camping Tent will look like this.

Camping Tent


You can now start earning Merit Badges to exchange for some cool items.

Merit Badges


Week 2 Recipes:

Week 2 Camping Tent recipe


Heirloom Turtle Food

Heirloom Turtle Food


Hiking Snack

Hiking Snack



The main reward will be a Mini Appaloosa Horse

Mini Appaloosa Horse

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  1. Yes you can. You have 1 well? Here’s how. When you first go into Farmville2 and have 30 waters – plant 6 or more of something – say tomatoes. ONLY water 1. GO to well and click to collect water. Wait. This waiting is important. Wait until the little you runs to the well, draws water and the water shows up in your Water Count up at top of your screen.
    Is it back up to count of 30? Don’t water anything else until it is. When back up to 30, you can water your second plant. Draw water again (this serves as harvest #2). Wait until the count is back up to 30 before you water again. Repeat the water 1; harvest well; and wait – until you have done it 6 times.

    Same principle applies to furnace. I didn’t know these tips for a long time. I learned as I went along.

  2. I’m still working on Above the Muck and will never finish it because I’m under level 100 and have built a water tower. I can’t harvest six wells.

    Me and many other have reported this without receiving an answer let alone a fix.

    Please help!

  3. Salve io sono contenta di tutte queste novità, il mio problema è…dove le metto? credo di essere rimasta l’unica a non avere l’espansione ho fatto varie richieste x email ma risposte nessuna. Credo che il bello di questo gioco sia di avere una fattoria più grande….grazie e buon lavoro

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