Farmville 2 Candle Making Kit Recipes

Farmville 2 is releasing a new feature called the Candle Making Kit and along with are some recipes that go along with it. Here we will show you the various recipes for the Candle Making Kit. These recipes are the one that we will be making and by crafting it we will earn points. These points can then be exchange for rewards. We also included the ingredients that it will need.

Candle Making Kit Recipes





Blueberry Bounce CandleBlue BerriesParaffin

Blueberry Bounce Candle = Blue Berries x6 + Paraffin x3


Ebony and Ivory CandlePiece of WoodEbony Dye

Ebony and Ivory Candle = Piece of Wood x6 + Ebony Dye x3


Fresh Lime Candle LimeSun Flower

Fresh Lime Candle = Lime x12 + Sun Flower x12


Lilac Love CandleMudLilac Essence

Lilac Love Candle = Mud x8 + Lilac Essence x3


Marigold Fields CandleMarsh MarigoldClotted Cream

Marigold Fields Candle = Marsh Marigold x12 + Clotted Cream x8


Spicy Cinnamon CandleMudCinnamon Essence

Spicy Cinnamon Candle = Mud x8 + Cinnamon Essence  x2


Summer Sunflower CandleSun FlowerClotted Cream

Summer Sunflower Candle = Sunflower x12 + Clotted Cream x8


Tangerine Twist CandleOrangePack of Wicks

Tangerine Twist Candle = Orange x6 + Pack of Wicks x2

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