Farmville 2 Cat Adoption Race Recipes

Find out what recipes we will be making when Farmville 2 finally releases the Cat Adaption Race feature. We already have here the lists of recipes that we might be making. We already listed the ingredients and materials and you can now start preparing them ahead so that if the feature called for this recipe, you are ready to make them. Some of the notable items you might want to prepare are the Blueberry Dye and Magenta Dye both need Flask. Flour, Corn, Rice Flour and Ropes.

Cat Adaption Race Recipes

Here’s a look of the recipes that we will be required to make during the Cat Adaption Race:


Furry Kitten BallCatnip SprayWool

Furry Kitten Ball = Catnip Spray x3 and Wool x4


Cat Grooming BrushBoar BristlePiece of wood

Cat Grooming Brush = Boar Bristle x3 and Piece of Wood x8


Box of Kitty Cheese BitesNutrientCheese

Box of Kitty Cheese Bites = Nutrient x3 and Cheese x6


Cat CollarWoolRhinestone

Cat Collar = Wool x4 and Rhinestone x3


Bowl of Kitten CrackersSalt-IconEgg

Bowl of Kitten Crackers = Salt x3 and Egg x3


Cat Food DishMetal sheetBlueberry Dye

Cat Food Dish = Metal Sheet x2 and Blueberry Dye x1


Healthy KittycakePumpkinFlour

Healthy Kittycake = Pumpkin x8 and Flour x2


Baby Animal MedicineNutrientMilk

Baby Animal Medicine = Nutrient x3 and Milk x6


Kitten Name TagRopeMetal sheet

Kitten Name Tag = Rope x6 and Metal Sheets x1


Bag of Kitten NibblesCornEgg

Bag of Kitten Nibbles = Corn x8 and Egg x6


Jar of Kitten PillsNutrientRice Flour

Jar of Kitten Pills = Nutrients x3 and Rice Flour x1


Kitten Scratch PostPiece of woodRope

Kitten Scratch Post = Piece of Wood x8 and Rope x6


Beaded Kitten SweaterCrafting BeadsWool

Beaded Kitten Sweater = Crafting Beads x3 and Wool x4


Leather Mouse ToyCatnip SprayFine Saddle

Leather Mouse Toy = Catnip Spray x3 and Fine Saddle x4


Kitten Rope ToyCatnip SprayRope

Kitten Rope Toy = Catnip Spray x3 and Rope x4


Kitten Rubber ToyMagenta DyeRubber

Kitten Rubber Toy = Magenta Dye x1 and Rubber x6


Kitten Peek Toy BoxBlueberry DyePiece of wood

Kitten Peek Toy Box = Blueberry Dye x1 and Piece of wood x8


Baby Animal TreatNutrientWheat

Baby Animal Treat = Nutrient x3 and Wheat x8


Basket of Kitty TreatsNutrientDough

Basket of Kitty Treats = Nutrient x3 and Dough x1


Toothie TreatSunflowerApple

Toothie Treat = Sunflower x8 and Apple x6


Pack of Kitty Yum YumsOrangePie Crust

Pack of Kitty Yum Yums = Orange x6 and Pie Crust x1


Bubble MakerPiece of woodPlain soap

Bubble Maker = Piece of Wood x6 and Plain Soap x1

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    • I saw a couple posts for kitty items today but haven’t gotten any notification yet of quest starting other than the opening picture. I’m guessing there’s going to be that pre-sell for real money beforehand like there was for dogs and the horse breeding barn.

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