Farmville 2 Cave, Forage and Pearl Diving Job Preview


Coming this June 26 is a major update called “My Family Farm”, this is a new feature and will be implemented in Farmville 2. Part of the update is the implementation of “Job” and “Family Member” feature. In order to make your family perform or train a job you will require first to build an expansion building. Among the information we have currently is the three building which are The Cave, The Forage and The Pearl Diving. You can see below what this feature will be and may give you an idea on what it will be need.

Farmville 2 Job Preview



Unlock the Foraging Job

You might notice that it is more like an expansion tasks. There will an item to be asked from friends. Coins are also needed to expand and a crafting part. For the Foraging we will be crafting Foraging Manuals (Learn about Mushrooms).

Foraging Manuals


Completed Foraging

Completed Foraging Expansion.



Pearl Diving

Pearl Diving Requirements

You will notice that the requirements is similar to expansion tasks. There is an item that need to be collected. Coins are also part of the requirement and crafting a recipe. For the Pearl Diving Job we will be crafting Pearl Display (What Lovely Pearls).

Pearl Display


A completed Pearl Diving

A completed Pearl Diving Expansion.




Cave Exploring Requirements

You may notice that the requirements are very similar to expansion tasks. We will need to collect an item called Garden Clippers. There is also coins requirements plus we need to craft a recipe. For unlocking the Cave Exploring Job we need to craft Sifters (Sift Through Treasures).



A completed Cave Exploring

A completed Cave Exploring.

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