Farmville 2 Certificate Booth Guide and Preview

Collect Happiness Certificate and exchange for rewards in Farmville 2 Certificate Booth feature. There are 4 cool items that can be exchange with Happiness Certificate plus a bonus prize of a White Tea Cup Pig. We may expect this new feature to be release this Tuesday (zynga may still change it with prior notice). Here are some images of what the Certificate Booth may look like and the recipes plus materials.

Certificate Booth Guide

Build a Certificate Booth and start collecting Happiness Tickets.

Build a Certificate Booth

Three things about the Certificate Booth feature:

– Harvest Animals and collect Happiness certificates to win rewards.

– Spend the Happiness Certificates in your Certificate Booth.

– Win a Tea Cup Pig!


How to build the Certificate Booth:

How to build a Certificate Booth

Once the feature is released, Barbara will visit your farm to inform you about the Certificate Booth and what you will need to do in order to participate.



Unfinished Certificate Booth

After the Barbara scene, you will now have a chance to start building the Certificate Booth. Just like the message above says “Click to build” the certificate Booth.



Materials for Certificate Booth

A pop up message will now appear with the list of materials you will need to build the Certificate Booth. Depending on what level you are and the number of neighbors you have the number of materials you will need to collect.



Completed Certificate Booth

Once you collected enough parts you can now start building and to finish you will need your friends help. Simply click the “Hire Builder” button to recruit your friends as builders.


Certificate Booth Menu

Now that you have a completed Certificate Booth, click on it to view the prize that can be obtain by exchanging a Happiness Certificate.

You can collect Happiness Certificate by feeding your farm animals, clicking on the share feed of your friends and or crafting certificate.

There are two types of Happiness Certificate that you can craft.

2 Certificates of Happiness

2 Certificates of Happiness = Wood x6 and Toy Bag x2


3 Certificates of Happiness

3 Certificates of Happiness = Metal Sheet x1 and Toy Bin x3


Exchange these tickets for the following items:

Happy Animal Lights

Happy Animal Lights


Happy Animal Planter

Happy Animal Planter

Oriental Thuja Tree

Oriental Thuja Tree


Happy Animal Fountain

Happy Animal Fountain



White Tea Cup Pig

White Tea Cup Pig


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