Farmville 2 Charming Countryside (New Expansion May 2015)

#Farmville2 will be expaning the farm soon with the upcoming release of the Charming Countryside expansion. This new expansion will have 7 new lots for players to expand too. So get ready and prepare for it by saving those coins and favors. At this time we will show you the different unconfirmed name for the 7 lots that we will be expanding. Check them out:

Charming Countryside

Charming Countryside


Expansion 1: Floral Fields

Unlock Reward: 25 Speed-Grow Pack


Expansion 2: Orange Orchards

Unlock Reward: 10 Fertilizer


Expansion 3: Rainbow Rise

– Unlock Reward: 3 Baby Bottles


Expansion 4: Pink Pastures

– Unlock Reward: 15 Super Feed


Expansion 5: Verdant Veld

– Unlock Reward: 15 energy pack



Expansion 6: Golden Grasslands

– Unlock Reward: Baby Polish Frizzle Chicken

 Polish Frizzle Chicken


Expansion 7: Luscious Lawn

– Unlock Reward: 3 Baby Bottles

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