Farmville 2 Chicken Nursery Training Stages

We have here the training stages for the upcoming Farmville 2 feature the Chicken Nursery. There will be several stages you must complete in training your baby chicken and they are the Bonus Training, personality Training and Name Training.

We prepared this guide to give you a preview of the recipes that we will be crafted in use for the training. The recipes will be based on which training path you will choose for your baby chicken.


Chicken Nursery Training


Choose Bonus



Bold Worm Meel

Bold Worm Meel

Cornbread = Corn Meal x1 and Butter Milk x1

Decorated Clay Pot




Heavy Worm Meel

Heavy Worm Meel

Broth = Water x3 and Onions x6

Rooster Weather Vane




Zesty Worm Meel

Zesty Worm Meel

Berry Custard = Blueberries x3 and Custard x1

IceĀ  Cream = Half and Half x1 and Sugar x2



Choose Personality

After completing the BONUS training we will then have the Personality Training. There will be 3 type of trainings and there are as follows:




Pecking Bag = Metal Sheet x1 and Inflatable Chicken x2

Jump Rope = Piece of Wood x4 and Wool Bolt x2

Plain Trellis = Lumber x1 and Crafting Nails x3

Crafting Nails: Ask from friends

Pecking Bag

Jump Rope

Plain Trellis




Security Blanket = Wool x4 and Baby Quilt Squares x2 (make 1)

Fur Dream Catcher = Fur x12 and Wool Thread x1 (make 1)

Plain Soap = Lye x1 and Olive Oil x1 (make 2)
You’ll need Flask for this one.

Security Blanket

Fur Dream Catcher

Plain Soap




Stretchy Cuckoo = Sunflower x6 and White Stretch Cuckoo x2 (make 1)

Zig Rug = Golden Thread x1 and Wool Padding x1 (make 1)

Red Yarn Spindle = Empty Sool x3 and Red Yarn x1 (make 2)

Stretchy Cuckoo

Zig Rug

Red Yarn Spindle





Chicken Training Manual = Leather x1 and Chicken Training Page x3

Plushy Egg Toy = Fur x6 and Egg x6

Chicken Bottle Cozy = Wool x4 and Bottle x2

Chicken Training Manual

Plushy Egg Toy

Chicken Bottle Cozy



Reward is an exclusive Pink Frills Hens & Chicks:

Pink Frills Hens & Chicks


Besides the crop packets you can also receive fences:

Nursery Fence

Nursery Fence

Nightlight Nursery Fence

Nightlight Nursery Fence


Gated Nursery Fence

Gated Nursery Fence


Starlight Nursery

Starlight Nursery

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  1. I keep crafting plain trellises and I think there is a bug because somehow it doesn’t let me use it. Nor does it show in my inventory. But it uses up my ingredients. My chicken has been sitting in the training nursery and the game will not let me finish it!

  2. Zynga, before you release this, get people their Family Farmhouses, nothing new until then.

  3. Sabrina Cee, since you are so in the know why did you not share everything you claim to know with Antonietta D’Alfonsi and the rest of us since, despite a great computer and doing all the Zynga has taught me the game still crashes and freezes. What are these tips and tricks and what kind of computer are you using? It is not enough to come on here acting as if you are Miss Know-It-All, treating someone else like trash then not share your information. Share or say nothing and if you share, try doing it in a nice way. To those reading this, one major problem for some people is the server they are playing off of and we have no choice in that matter. There are different servers around the world and it is up to Zynga to properly man them, properly keep them strong enough to prevent the problems some people have. Be happy you are on a strong server Sabrina and be kind to those who are not.

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