Farmville 2 Circus Sensibilities Quest

Farmville 2 Circus Sensibilities Quests will be unlock once the player reached level 16 and above. This will a series of 4 tasks that includes harvesting the new unlock Broccoli and a couple of crafting.

Farmville 2 Quest 1: It’s a Circus

The carnies, clowns and acrobats arrived first, but in a state of disarray and confusion. Let’s help them get set-up.


Harvest 10 Broccoli. These carnies definitely need more vitamins

Collect 10 Wool for the clown costumes

Harvest 3 Horseshoes


30 xp, 1000 coins

Farmville 2 Quest 2: Clown Control

Brilliant! Whip up some pies and I’ll work with my distributer for high-pressured seltzer.


Collect 5 Quilt Scraps for clown costumes

Craft an Apple Pie

Harvest 2 Peach Trees


40 xp, 1000 coins

Farmville 2 Quest 3: Bread and Circus

A huge circus means huge crowds and huge profits!


Craft 3 Peach Lemonade

Craft 3 Cheddar Loafs

Craft 3 Butter for all the popcorn


Fertilizer, 50 xp, 1000 coins

Farmville 2 Quest 4: Clown Car Complication

All that wear and tear on the clown car has ruined the seat cushions!


Hire and use 1 Farm Hand

Harvest Wells 4 times

Craft 4 Dough for the clown car interior


Fertilizer, 60 xp, 1000 coins

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