Farmville 2 Coffee Brewery, Recipes and Crops

Here’s a preview of what could be a Farmville 2 Coffee Brewery. This unreleased feature will include a new set of coffee type crops which can be turned into beans. There’s also a new set of recipes will be added exclusively for this. The Coffee Brewery or may come with a different title maybe added into the Gourmet Farm.

Coffee Brewery




Coffee Crops

  1. Yellow Bourbon
  2. Orange Bourbon
  3. Indonesian Java
  4. Blue Mountain
  5. Ethiopian Sidamo
  6. Ethiopian Harrar




Coffee Beans

  1. Yellow Bourbon Beans
  2. Orange Bourbon Beans
  3. Indonesian Java Beans
  4. Blue Mountain Beans
  5. Ethiopian Harrar Beans
  6. Ethiopian Sidamo Beans




Coffee Recipes

  1. Americano
  2. Bombon
  3. Cappucino
  4. Caramel
  5. Crema
  6. Eggnog Latte


Coffee Brewery Recipes

  1. Eiskaffee
  2. Iced Coffee
  3. Layered Coffee
  4. Medici
  5. Mocha Coffee
  6. Orange Bourbon

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