Farmville 2 Cotton Candy Cart

The Farmville 2 Cotton Candy Cart is a new unreleased feature that will be added this July. Build the Cotton Candy Cart with help from your friends and win awesome rewards. Once your build the Cotton Candy Cart, you will be preparing a variety of fluffy Cotton Candy for the county. The Cotton Candy Cart will be available starting Tuesday (July 10th).

Place the Cotton Candy Cart in your farm.



Here’s a look at the materials we will need to build the Farmville 2 Cotton Candy Cart.


Ask your friends for help for the following materials for the Cotton Candy Cart:


Candy Floss Awning


Cotton Candy Sign


Candy Cart Wheel



After gathering enough parts, you will then ask your friends help to build the Cotton Candy Cart.


Here’s a look at a completed Cotton Candy Cart.



Cotton Candy Recipes! for your Cotton Candy Cart:


  1. Go Figure
  2. Eye Candy
  3. Pink Cloud
  4. Sweet Escape
  5. Lovi’n Lemon
  6. Cloudy Paradise
  7. Snappy Apple
  8. Boo-Berry
  9. Power Puff
  10. Rainbow Dreams
  11. Hot shot
  12. Sugar Surprise



Some of the materials for the Cotton Candy Cart:

  1. Floss Bubble
  2. Floss Pan
  3. Floss Ribbon
  4. Cotton Candy Bowl
  5. Candy Kettle



Here’s some of the REWARDS for the COTTON CANDY CART:


Baby Golden Royal Yak


Candy Wagon


Cotton Candy Arch


Cotton Candy Fence


Here are some of the images that are associated with this feature:

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