Farmville 2 Dark Opal Basil and More!

Here’s a preview of the new Farmville 2 Dark Opal Basil crop that will be released this May. Plant, harvest and master the Dark Opal Basil crop up to blue ribbon. Check out also the new batch of limited time animals and trees including the Milkplum Tree, Spotted Jabugo Pig, Mora Romagnola Pig, Milkplum Tree and more. You may expect them to become available at the General Store on May 21st.


Dark Opal Basil




Fjall Mini Cow


Georgian Mini Donkey


Mora Romagnola Pig


Spotted Jabugo Pig




Breonadia Tree


Milkplum Tree


Weeping Boer Tree




  1. Dark Opal Basil Kimchi
  2. Sweet Milkplum Focaccia
  3. Milkplum Semifreddo Shortcake
  4. Sweet Milkplum Focaccia
  5. Weeping Boer Fan
  6. Weeping Boer Heart Wreath

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