Farmville 2 Deep Woods Expansion Farm Preview

A new Farm Expansion will be coming our way soon! Dubbed as the Farmville 2 Deep Woods, it will have 6 new farm lot located on the far left side of the farm. It will be beside the Wild Horse Gulch. This new expansion besides the usual exclusive items, there will also Mystery Crates in every farm lot. Zynga will be offering this new expansion for early access at first.

Deep Woods Expansion!

Expansion Map


UPDATE: Expansion now ask for FAVORS instead of collecting items. Required favors maybe from 300 to 400+ for each expansion lot.


Expansion 1. The Shady Pines


Swiss Army Knife

Sharpen Your Skills
Craft 60 Utility Knife

Collect 20 Aerating Boots

Clear Your New Land
Costs 21,000,000 Coins.



Expansion 2. Green Leaf Grove



Don’t Get Lost
Craft 60 Navigation Compass

Collect 20 Deep Woods Guide Books

Clear Your New Land
Costs 22000000 Coins.



Expansion 3: Viridian Woods


Crank Drills

Get Cranking
Craft 60 Hand Crank Drill

Collect 20 Explorer Hats

Clear Your New Land
Costs 23000000 Coins.


Expansion 4: Cherrygrove Cove


Baseball Mitt

Don’t Forget To Have Fun
Craft 65 Baseball Mitt

Collect 20 Deep Woods Compasses

Clear Your New Land
Costs 24000000 Coins.


Expansion 5: Overgrown Outlook


Conical Hat

Dress Appropriately
Craft 65 Conical Hat

Collect 20 Woodland Maps

Clear Your New Land
Costs 25000000 Coins.


Expansion 6: Twinleaf Taiga


Metal Pulley

Work Smarter Not Harder
Craft 65 Metal Pulley

Collect 20 Seed Spreader

Clear Your New Land
Costs 26000000 Coins.

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  1. i still do not have any expansions offered.. this date is jan. 10 2015

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