Farmville 2 Deep Woods Expansion Recipes

Farmville 2 will be releasing the DEEP WOOD expansion next and in order to unlock them is to complete 3 tasks. The three task are Crafting, will cost Favors and Coins. On the crafting part, we have gathered some information regarding the recipes that we will be crafting. We already listed on this post the recipes and the ingredients it will used. Base on this, we can assume that the Cherrygrove Cove will be the hardest to unlock because the Baseball Mitt will need Olive Oil (Olive Oil needs Flask).

Deep Woods Expansion Recipes

Shady Pines Expansion

Utility Knife

Utility KnifeMetal SheetPiece of Wood

Utility Knife = Metal Sheet x6 + Piece of Wood x10

  • Total Metal Sheet = 360
  • Total Piece of Wood = 600



Green Leaf Grove Expansion

Navigation CompassMetal SheetCopper Ore

Navigation Compass = Metal Sheets x6 + Copper Ore x5

  • Total Metal Sheets = 360
  • Total Copper Ore = 300



Viridian Woods Expansion

Hand Crank DrillMetal SheetLumber

Hand Crank Drill = Metal Sheets x4 + Lumber x3

  • Total Metal Sheets = 240
  • Total Lumber = 195



Cherrygrove Cove Expansion

Baseball MittLeatherOlive Oil

Baseball Mitt = Leather x4 + Olive Oil x3

  • Total Leather = 260
  • Total Olive Oil = 195 (note: Olive Oil uses Flask  x3 for each craft)



Overgrown Outlook Expansion

Conical HatCattailsRed Yarn

Conical Hat = Cattails x10 + Red Yarn  x8

  • Total Cattails = 650
  • Total Red Yarn = 520 (note: uses Spun Yarn and Strawberry)



Twinleaf Taiga Expansion

Metal PulleyMetal SheetSilver Ore

Metal Pulley = Metal Sheets x8 + Silver Ore x5

  • Total Metal Sheets = 520
  • Total Silver Ore = 325


For the other and complete Deep Wood Expansion requirements, visit this PAGE.


Note: This post was written while this feature is currently unreleased therefore some part may still change.

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