Farmville 2 Deer Shelter

Farmville 2 Deer Shelter is the newest feature will building that will be added in the game this December. On this feature, you will need to accommodate a wandering deer in to your farm by building the Deer Shelter. During this event, there will be tasks that you will need complete. There’s also special rewards to be given away. You may expect the Deer Shelter to become available on December 5th.


Place the Deer Shelter in your farm.



Here’s a preview of the parts we will need in building the DEER SHELTER.

Deer Shelter Construction


Collect the following parts by asking them from your friends to build the DEER SHELTER.

Deer Feed Throughs


Cozy Blankets


Water Bowls



After having collected enough parts, you can finally complete the DEER SHELTER.


Here’s a look at a completed DEER SHELTER.


Recipes that are associated with the Deer Shelter.

  1. Fawn Treats
  2. Straw Basket
  3. Bouncy Ball
  4. Fuzzy Holiday Wreath
  5. Pair of Warm Mittens
  6. Fringed Photo Frame
  7. Silk Jeweled Necklace
  8. Ruffled Headband
  9. Fur Satchel
  10. Pom Pom Beanie
  11. Fluffy Footstool
  12. Trapper Hat
  13. Soft Stripped Bauble
  14. Furry Laced  Poncho
  15. Wooly Eared Cap
  16. Pair of Fur Sliders


Ask your friends for the following materials during the Deer Shelter event.

  1. Hand Air Pump
  2. Wild Nectar
  3. Zirconia
  4. Brass Clasps
  5. Knitting Bobbins
  6. Crystal Beads
  7. Cozy Quilt



Eld's Deer

Eld’s Deer


Pampas Deer



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