Farmville 2 Design Bay

Farmville 2 Design Bay is the upcoming feature where you will build a Design Bay in your farm. You are going to collect parts and materials to build the Design Bay and you are going to need you friends help to do it. Prepare and raise adult Ferrets because you will need it’s FUR TRIM to design and unlock snuggle seats. The Design Bay is going to be released on March 28th.


Place the DESIGN BAY in your farm.


Build your Design bay

Collect the parts to build the DESIGN BAY:

Red Cushions

Red Cushions


Design Easels

Design Easels


Wooden Top Boards

Wooden Top Boards



After collecting enough parts, you can finally build the DESIGN BAY.


How the DESIGN BAY works:

  • You’ll get a blur print for the Snuggle Seal and you will build it by completing tasks.
  • You can earn Design Points to unlock more customization choices in designing your Snuggle Seat.
  • You will need an ADULT FERRETS for this feature.
  • Adult Ferrets produces FUR TRIM which you will need in your Snuggle Seat.


  1. Secret Admirer Note
  2. Floral Brooch
  3. Red Leather Bag
  4. Scribble Pad
  5. Fabric Swatch
  6. Measuring Tape
  7. Blueprint Tube


  1. Fur Throw
  2. Floral Cascade
  3. Fur Cushion Cover
  4. Snuggle Seat Rain Cover
  5. Hook-and-loop Fastener
  6. Upholstery Kit
  7. Fairy Lights
  8. Garden Lights
  9. Embroidered Patch


Here are the collections of SNUGGLE SEATS:




Sapele Tree


Chocolate Comtois Horse


Here are some of the images that are associated with the Design Bay feature:

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