Farmville 2 Dogs Coming Soon!

Farmville 2 is soon releasing the much anticipated feature in the game. Yes, dogs will be available soon in game. The goal is, you will be competing in an adoption race against Walter, Marie and Barbara. Whoever wins will have the chance to get the first pick. The adoption race will consist of a series of tasks like harvesting and crafting.

The Farmville 2 Dogs

The COLLIE DOGS will have initially 4 variations and they are as follow:


You will be participating in an adoption rave against Walter, Marie and Barbra.


In order to get the first pick of the puppy, you need compete with Marie, Walter, and Barbara in a series of tasks in order to received the first pick. Her’s the celebratory image of each NPC when ever they win:



Of course if you have dogs there’s also a DOG HOUSE deco for them. Here are some example of these dog houses:


Here’s how you can adopt a Collie Puppy:

  • Complete the Puppy Adoption Race!
  • Finish first to get Pick of the Litter!
  • Get bonus output from your animals!


Benefits of having a Puppy:

  • Collies increase animal output for free.


Your Collie Dog can also play with these new decorations:

Dog Bed

Dog Bed

Dog Jump

Dog Jump

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  1. GREA, T, CANT WAIT;ARMVILE IS HOME,but at home ihvedoggys too, great fun and compleet.thanks zynga.

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