Farmville 2 Dolphins Ahoy

Dolphins are coming in Farmville 2! Soon these cute dolphins will be arriving into your farm and if you can make them stay, they will give you fuel. There will be four adorable Dolphins and they’re be swimming near your river. you will need a “Whistle” to call them and play with them. You can pick among the four adorable dolphin to keep.



Dolphin Station







  1. Cameo Pink Dolphin
  2. Prized Cameo Pink Dolphin
  3. Dolphin
  4. Prized Dolphin
  5. Gray Dolphin
  6. Prized Gray Dolphin
  7. Cameo Gray Dolphin
  8. Prized Cameo Gray Dolphin



  1. Dolphin Grooming Box
  2. Wound Cream
  3. Ointment Solution
  4. Chewable Medicine
  5. Showpiece Statue
  6. Cute Jar
  7. Themed Cake
  8. Special Health Drink
  9. Dry Fish Yummies
  10. Fish Cubes
  11. Fish and Potato Mix
  12. Cross Stitch Work
  13. Dolphin Earrings
  14. Dolphin Costume
  15. Calling Whistle
  16. Dolphin Tag
  17. Fishy Sipper
  18. Dolphin Toothpaste
  19. Toothbrush
  20. Dolphin Basketball
  21. Playing Hoop
  22. Play Ball



  1. Dolphin Marble Work
  2. Learning Chart
  3. Dolphin Floatie
  4. Dolphin Vitamin
  5. Play Essentials
  6. Fish Bucket







Here are some of the images that are associated with the Dolphin feature.


Farmville 2 Dolphin


Dolphin Feature


See how the Dolphins interacts with your character:

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  1. Why did I get only 1 dolphin. I thought we would get all. I love them so much. they don’t play but I like mine. Thank you.

  2. Hi There ! I love all the wonderful quests on this game. It is a real credit to all whom made Farmville 2. Thank you so very much for making such an entertaining game. Di Snow

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